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    Looking for serious partners who can critique a chapter a week or every other week. Willing to look at as many re-writes as necessary (I average 2 to 3). I am a member of the tough skin club and need same. Tough love here…

    Have three fantasy books in stages but one serious endevour. More urban fantasy. Sometime in the future set in a slightly decaying society. First ten chapters complete. Outline done for remainder.

    It contains some language and disturbing scenes as well as some adult content. I will check back here daily to check for comments.

    Would prefer writers seriously interested in discussing and hashing, not just straight crits.



    I’d be interested in chatting with you. I am also looking for a more in-depth critique partner. I write paranormal romance with an erotic edge.



    If you are still looking for a critical eye, I’m your huckleberry! Either send me a message here, or you can find my contact info on my blog. I’d love to talk shop about your plot, characters, or whatever else you feel like chatting about. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.



    I am interested in serious critic partners not afraid of serious discussion for my suspense romance with violent themes. Can offer same for your story. Contact me at riverbewar.



    I am looking for a serious CP, I have two WIPs I am working on currently and need to set a deadline for both, They are both romantic suspense. please email me if you can help. steph_mayfield@yahoo.com



    I’m also looking for a serious partner, but most of my stories, or the ones I want critiqued are written, just need polishing. I’m happy to go through chapter by chapter, but I want someone to read my story and give me real feedback. My friends and family are too busy to do anything in a timely matter, and having someone who isn’t real close should result in real feedback. I hope.



    Exactly what I’m looking for, if you’re still open to making contact. I have an urban fantasy WIP in the early stages of the first re-write, and desperately need some honest to goodness critiquing to get me through it!

    Contact me at my blog or email:

    shah wharton at gmail dot com (we are allowed to leave our email ad here, I hope?)

    Shah X

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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