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Short Story: The Girl Who Knows Better

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    This is a short story I wrote about an hour ago… I’d really appreciate some feedback on how it is. I think I might become an author as a profession.

    The Girl Who Knows Better

    The girl knew that if she walked down the street, people would stare, whisper, and then turn away. But the girl knew better than to care what others did.

    She knew that if she went to her middle school with out the wig, the kids would see her head that was kissed by the doctor’s medicine. But the girl knew better than to even have a wig. Why would she want to cover up who she was?

    The girl knew that her story was still lingering around the town like the aroma of a candle that would never go away. But she knew better than to dwell on what she couldn’t change.

    She knew that because of her story, she would be emerged in a cascade of unwanted sympathy and pity. But the girl knew that those people were the ones who cared about her well being.

    The world the girl lives in, is a place filled with pain, loss, sorrow, and suffering. It is filled with people that will gossip, steal, betray, tear others down to get what they want, and even kill.

    There is poverty, sickness that cannot be cured, disasters that take lives meant to stay, and children denied of what they deserve.

    It is a terrible, terrible place that needs to change, but can’t.

    That world is our world, Earth.

    And the girl was diagnosed with cancer.

    She knows, at the mere age of eleven, that what she went through wasn’t even the worst. And that her life is a precious thing that she only gets one chance with.

    So she ignores the backstabbers that snicker behind her back about her bald head. Because she is happy to know that there is proof she was saved, and that a smile is more beautiful than a frown.

    She doesn’t take a minute for granted.

    And even when she feels she is at her worst. She pushes on. And cherishes every minute she’s alive, because two weeks ago, she almost wasn’t.

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