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    Laura Ann Swanson

    Or if you aren’t comfortable, the general area.
    This way, if you are looking for a crit partner you can actually meet up with on occasion, you can narrow down the search!


    Laura Ann Swanson

    I’ll start! I live in the northwestern Washington DC metro area. 😀


    Alex Villasante

    Hey Laura, nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I have a small writers group (amazingly enough, called the Bucks County Writers Group) and we meet up monthly.


    Juliana Haygert

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to meet any of you in person.

    I live in Brazil!

    I lived for 3 years in Columbia, South Carolina, then 2 years in Waterville, Ohio … but now, I’m back in Brazil =)


    Debbie Barr

    Wow, it sounds like we have people from all over! I recently lived in Utah (grew up there and went to school as well) which has an -awesome- MG/YA writing community with lots of book events and workshops.

    I just moved to Indiana (NW of Indianapolis) this summer, and have been kind of sad since I’ve lost my writing community! I won’t mind if no one lives nearby, though. I’m all for an online critique group/partner as long as they are dedicated!


    Laura Ann Swanson

    That’s great ladies, keep it up! The more people we get to respond here and join, the quicker we can start matching up great crit partners/groups!


    Melissa Hurst

    Are there any southern writers here? I’m from Georgia.



    I live in Germany, so I doubt I’ll get to meet up with anyone… But luckily the internet, email and IM make it so easy to communicate with (and critique for) writers everywhere. 🙂



    I’m from Scotland – where, no surprise, it’s cold and raining. 😀


    Stefanie Gaither

    Another southern girl over here; I live in western North Carolina.

    @emaree: I would love to go to Scotland some day! I had a college roommate from there. I went to Ireland last summer (where it was also cold and rainy, of course) so I got close at least, lol.

    @lena: Maybe we could all take an epic European vacation and swing by Germany and visit you? =D



    I’m from Fort Collins, Colorado.

    It’s great to see that so many of you are from around the globe!



    I’m from Canada. But I’m allergic to cold winters, so the hubby and I live in California. Great to see so many YA writers.


    Denise Beucler

    I am from the Dayton Ohio area.



    Arkansas here!



    I’m in the Oklahoma City area.

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