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    I’m having terrible luck at finding beta readers on my own. And I’m sure you are too. I was thinking of starting a group of 4-5 members via email and google docs—to exchange chapters and so forth. If this is something you’re interested in, respond to this post. Also if you can be so kindly as to fill out this form in your comment.

    1. Name of your MS: (Mine for example: Battlelink)
    2. Sub-genre of YA: (Mine for example: fantasy)
    3. Word count: (Mine for example: 76K)
    4. Quick blurb: (Mine for example: Maeve Hyland is an Irish warrior who travels to China to compete in a series of sacrifical events with sixty-three other warriors from around the world as homage to the four elemental gods, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.)
    5. What kind of feedback you want (Me: editing feedback, plot holes, characters, flow, context)
    6. What kind of feedback can you give (Me: characters, pace, conflict, and my detective skills of seeking triumphs and romance in unromantic settings)
    7. Your most obsessed flaw of your MS (Mine: Information dump in the wrong places)
    8. Favorite book (Mine: Starflight by Melissa Landers)
    9. Currently reading (Me: Flame In the Mist by Renee Ahdieh)



    Hello, my name is Heather. I worked with a small group before and it went really well. Having other people set a posting and review date each week kept me writing and on-track.

    1. Name of your MS: Linked (Book 1 of the Kindra series)
    2. Sub-genre of YA: Fantasy
    3. Word count: WIP (fully outlined, 3 chapters completed)
    4. Quick blurb: Asaka Pierce hid her multiracial identity for years, but when she is outed as a threat to society, she is forced to leave everything she knows and enter a school where she can learn how to control her Spiran nature, to see what is unseen. However, her newly discovered twisted twin sister is set on destroying the world and wants Asaka to do it with her. Asaka is set on saving it instead, but does she really have a say on the outcome of the world?
    5. What kind of feedback you want: editing mostly, but also any plot holes or things that don’t make sense.
    6. What kind of feedback can you give: editing, characters, plotting, dialogue, finding inconsistencies, strengthening clarity
    7. Your most obsessed flaw of your MS: Doubting whether fantasy concepts make sense
    8. Favorite book: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
    9. Currently reading: Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld



    Hey, I’m Savannah! I haven’t really worked with critique partners or beta readers before, though I did workshop style critiques in a few creative writing courses in college and loved the experience.

    1. Name of MS: SOULLESS
    2. Sub-genre of YA: Fantasy
    3. Word Count: The most recent completed draft was 85,000. I’m currently in the middle of another revision and am aiming for 90-100k at the end.
    4. Quick blurb: Seventeen-year-old Riley Cook is a soul-carrier, capable of reaping the souls of the dead. It’s a duty both revered and hated by the people of Terramor, a city that’s been isolated from the mortal world for two hundred years as punishment for losing a war against the God of Death. On the day Riley is set to take her initiation exam and officially become a reaper, the head of the Council that leads the city is attacked and a forbidden magical ritual is stolen. Riley, having sworn an unbreakable oath that puts her own soul on the line, is tasked with hunting down the ritual and returning it before the new moon in two weeks. She must form a team and get the help of her estranged cousin if she has any hope of stopping the thief in time. Success will reunite her family, failure will reopen a wasteland of ancient evil and destroy what’s left of Terramor.
    5. What kind of feedback you want: character development, plot holes, pacing, anything that doesn’t make sense about the world building or plot.
    6. What kind of feedback you can give: editing, inconsistencies, plot. I’m good at asking questions about things that need fleshing out and characters that feel passive.
    7. Most obsessed flaw: Mostly I just worry the world isn’t developed enough to make sense for the reader.
    8. Favorite book: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard.
    9. Currently reading: Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco.



    Hi, I am looking for some beta readers and am happy to swap. How will this work and shall we get started?


    1. Name of MS: The Silk Cotton Tree
    2. Sub-genre of YA: Fantasy
    3. Word Count: 88k
    4. Quick blurb: After her mother’s gruesome murder rocks their small Canadian town, sixteen-year-old Theo is uprooted by her emotionally-absent father to go to live with her extended family in Mortuba, a “backwards” island in the Caribbean. He says they eagerly await her arrival, but if they care so much, why has she never met any of them before?
    Homesick and weighted by grief, Theo is lured into the tropical forest by the sound of her dead mother’s voice. Suddenly, her estranged uncle’s tales of faceless children and women who take their skin off each night, become all too real.
    When a man is murdered in exactly the same way as her mother, Theo finds herself at the center of a deadly mystery that she can only unravel by relying on the family she didn’t know she had. With the attacks escalating daily, Theo must find out who or what is behind everything and stop it before evil takes over the island.
    5. What kind of feedback you want: General. Any holes or things that are confusing.
    6. What kind of feedback you can give: Developmental – plot, characters, pacing & line editing.
    7. Most obsessed flaw: my ending.
    8. Favorite book: A Clockwork Orange
    9. Currently reading: The Runaway Jury by John Grisham. I’m thinking of writing a courtroom drama next – this book def isn’t my thing though!



    This group is now closed. Please do not post on this forum, it will be ignored.



    Actually we can accept one more person.

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