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    HI, I saw a post similar to this that had a lot of responses, and wanted to post mine.

    A writer friend and I are looking for two more writers to join us in a small critique group. We are both writing YA Fantasy, and are very serious about our writing. We are currently querying projects and have both received agent interest. Our hope is to find two other writers roughly in a similar spot as us to join in a group that would swap work maybe every other week and would be willing to meet and discuss after the fact. Our main form of communication is Discord and Google Docs.

    The other posted had this set up, which I think would work good here too:

    1. Name of your MS
    2. Sub-genre of YA
    3. Word count
    4. Quick blurb
    5. A few YA books you’ve read and enjoyed?
    6. What are you goals ultimately with writing?
    6. How long have you been writing?

    I know the last few questions might seem strange, but it would help let me know if our goals line up, that is all.

    I have been writing seriously for about six years now. By seriously, I mean more toward traditional publication than just for fun. I have completed five manuscripts, two of which I queried. I was previously signed with an agent on my previous manuscript but we went our separate ways and I am on the hunt again with my new manuscript. I love to read YA, the last book I read I loved was Tempest and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce and Obsidio by Annie Kaufman. I am currently reading Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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