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    I love to read other writer’s blogs, to get to know what they write about and who they are as a writer. I find new books to read, and blogs I’d like to fallow.
    So my blog is


    Hope to see you’re blogs soon!



    That’s a nice idea 🙂 I also enjoy blog hopping…

    Here is mine:


    See you around (I will hop by your blog a bit later today :-))



    Love you’re book idea! stopped by you’re blog as well, love your last post. see you around.



    Hello sinsoftheflesh,
    I started a blog last month about documenting my journey as a writer, giving writing tips, and gossiping about people/events that could turn into potential story ideas.

    If you want to check it out, it’s http://yawattahosby.wordpress.com . I’m looking at your blog after I write this comment.

    Keep smiling,




    I saw some real interesting tips on your blog and I’ve also subscribed to it on my Reader now. I even liked the notepad theme you have used. It is apt for ‘A Writer’s Blog’.

    Do check out my blog http://rencyphilip.wordpress.com. I post short stories.



    Thank you for subscribing, I tried to subscribe to your blog as well but I was logged out so I’m not sure it worked. lol.

    Thank you, I’m new to writing so if I can help other new writers with things I have figured out that’s awesome. I talk about all kinds of art because I am an artist. Not only am I working on my book but a commissioned painting. All kinds of art I have a passion for.

    I have an artist of the week, can I use one of your short stories and make you an artist of the week this friday?



    Just wanted to pop in here to mention that I’ve revived my travel blog: http://thejourneyofmei.blogspot.com/

    Most of the entries are pictures of things I’ve encountered during my trip to Australia and New Zealand last year (and a few from my last few years in Hawaii), with musings here and there about what was on my mind while I was taking these pictures. I’ve been very busy trying to balance graduate school with my actual writing, so I thought this would be a good place to get back on track.



    Hi, I am new to blogging and to the world of trying to have my book published. I blog about being a newbie and what I have learned as I go down the path to being published-I hope. I write about the ups and downs of the craft I love.


    I am working to make my blog better in 2012 since I am still leaning. Drop by and visit, you’re always welcome.



    Thank you both for sharing with us. I left you both comments.
    Stella I like your page, the photos are amazing!
    Marianne, I know how hard it can be as a new writer, I have only bin at it for maybe 3 months. Just stick with it, and don’t let anything discourage you.
    Hope to see both of you around!


    febe moss


    My blog. I talk about my writing life, and pop culture topics.



    Thank you all for adding your blogs, to sharing our blogs with fellow writers. I have enjoyed checking out all your blogs. Keep righting!

    Thank you,
    Maria A W 🙂



    Here’s a link to my blog. kathy-writingthroughlife.blogspot.com

    I mostly just talk about writing stuff, books I’m reading, and sometimes life in general.



    I’m Rebecca, I run the blog Novel Girl. Novel Girl is all about clear writing advice and comprehensive book reviews. I do author interviews too.

    Novel Girl is your complete fiction writing website! Or, check it out if you don’t trust me:




    Hey, I’m new to blogging. Just writing about my own writing 😀




    I mostly write about my writing, writing in general, and post excerpts. I’ve also begun moving some of the book reviews and other essays (like on silent film and classic comedians) from my old Angelfire site to my blog. Some might consider some of my postings to be a bit on the long side, but that’s just how I write.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)

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