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    So I figured out a fun way for people to get to know their characters better ^_^ Okay, not really. I mean, *I* didn’t come up with this idea, but we have a similar thread on another writing community I’m a part of. (so in other words, I stole this idea >.< ) Basically, we put our characters on this thread, and then make them talk, react to situations, etc.., Remember, this is your character reacting and talking, not you. Whenever you want to enter a new character, say “Enter

    so I’ll start ^_^

    “Enter Emlyn Baldwin”

    0_0 what’s going on? Anyone else here? 0_o


    I’m here!! *waves*

    k, so, are we interviewing our characters? if so…’sup, Emlyn? What’s your deal? Where are you from?



    It doesn’t have to be an interview, it’s just all our characters meeting up, so each author can give unique situations for the characters to react in. This is supposed to help us get to know the characters better, since personality is mostly revealed in dialogue. For example,)

    “Enter Casper”

    Casper: *throws bomb* *bomb starts ticking*

    Emlyn: -_- Really? ‘Kay, anyone know how to deactivate bombs?


    (it’s really fun when there are more characters, but I guess it seems kind of stupid right now :P)



    Hehe, no it’s kind of a cool idea, and dude so perfect for my character!

    “Enter Jillian and Col. Vaughn”

    Jillian: Seriously? Can’t I go anywhere where I don’t have deal with someone blowing crap up?”

    Col. Vaughn: You’re the one who’s usually blowing up stuff. So quit bitching and take that thing down. I’m going to go shoot Casper.”


    Kenra Daniels

    “Enter Ardrianna and King”

    Ardrianna steps forward to check out bomb.

    King pushes Ardrianna back. “Damn it, Ardrianna! You can’t take that kind of risk!”

    Ardrianna – squats beside bomb to look it over. “9minutes 47seconds. Plenty of time.” Stands back up. “King, you don’t give my orders.” Looks at all the others. “Anyone have a fast car?”

    Bomb timer clicks, then speeds up, ticking two seconds off for every one that passes.


    Hermina Vass

    “Enter Hina and Abacus”

    Hina: *takes out her katana* *looks around* *puts away katana* *realizes she can’t stop the bomb* *leaves without a word*

    Ab: “Hina?! Seriously? I’m not even surprised anymore.”

    *takes a closer look at the bomb*

    Ab: “Okay! So, what’s the plan? You do have a plan, right?”



    Emlyn: uhhh! KICK IT! Maybe it’ll break the bomb 😀

    Casper: *facepalm* I have a car 😀 But there’s no way in heck I’m lending it to you guys. PEACE OUT, BITCHES! *suddenly disappears*

    Emlyn: 0_o I’m not even going to ask how that happened… Anyhow, would a bumper car work?

    “Enter Gage”

    Gage: *pokes with cotton candy* where are you going to get a bumper car? >.> *glances around* where are we, anyway?



    “Enter Claire and Ethan”

    Claire: So, wait, weren’t you in that a movie a few years ago where you had to deactivate a bomb like this?

    Ethan: Wrong actor, Claire. I’m not calling that guy up just to tell me how to disarm a bomb.

    Claire: Great.

    She then empties the contents of what looks like an oversized Louis Vuitton tote bag…

    Ethan: You have to pardon Claire, here. She thinks she could solve everything by –

    Claire: By putting the bomb in an oversized FAKE Louis Vuitton tote bag, so it can be carried away safely out of harm’s reach. Come on, people, who’s with me?


    Hermina Vass

    *Hina returns*

    Hina: “There’s a well near by. “

    Ab: “Great! Here’s what’s gonna happen. Claire, you give Jillian the bag. Jillian puts the bomb in it and gives the package to Hina. She’s fast. She’ll reach the well and throw the thing in it. We’ve got 5 minutes. Move people!”



    JIllian: Damn Claire, this knock off is fabulous! We’d seriously have to find another bag if it were real. Fall 2006 were THE best totes, so wouldn’t waste it on bomb disposal. Been there, done that. Still miss that bag!

    *puts bomb in bag* * chucks the package to Hina* Go, go go! *drags Claire and the really cute Ethan behind the stone wall, and waits for Vaughn and the others to return* *looks at Claire’s shoes* Ooo, those are really cute. Manolo’s?



    Emlyn: Seriously? Now’s not the time to be thinking of shoes, Jullian!

    Gage: It’s the time to be thinking of food 😀

    Emlyn: -_-

    *Emlyn and Gage follow everyone behind stone wall*



    Ethan: Gage, thank goodness! It’s about time I had someone to talk to out here who doesn’t go on and on about shoes!

    Claire: Says the guy who almost wore Chuck Taylors with a suit to his own premiere!

    Ethan: *chuckles, then puts his “intense” face back on* Anyway, Gage. *pulls out two chocolate-peanut butter protein bars* Claire dropped these when she emptied that bag. Snack?


    Hermina Vass

    *explosion sound* * water drops fall from the sky*



    “Enter Noah”

    Noah: Oi! You can come out now, you gormless idiots.



    Claire: *stands up, looks over wall* Whoa, Hina’s really good.

    *Ethan stands up and watches as Claire’s shirt starts getting soaked*

    Claire: (to Noah) Now all we need is to wait for Colonel Vaughn to come back…

    Ethan: And Hina. *continues to stare at Claire’s shirt* Don’t forget about Hina.

    Claire: Yes. Hina. *elbows Ethan sharply in the ribs, then looks around* Abacus? Jillian? Emlyn? Gage? We’re safe.

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