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The Wind. (Any suggest on in improve it).

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    Thie Wind.

    Gust wind came at me with just force, it knock me down and threw me to the wall. I banged my head. Now up and dust myself down. I am on my feet and feeling fine. Minus slightly headache, I must be getting on with errands of the day. I manage to gather my bag off the cold pavement, reaching for my do list. Is it rain or has someone squirt something at me, felt something moist on back head. I run my fingers down back of my skull to no avail so shrug my shoulders and off I go. My heel has come off my shoe, first things first near shoes shop. I try to graceful but it does not quite work, only fact matter is that I trip over the step as I passed through the open door.

    I quick compose myself before anyone notice I hope. Picking most suitable low heels, plain black ones I could find. Someone is tried stop child point at something in this direction, how odd. I paid for purchase, disregard dis figure pair and gave them to assistant.

    One assistant ask me ‘if I am ok?”

    “Yes” with quick side way glance.

    Really it glance you give people, when you want shout “get out of my way” but you chose polite option. My eyes flick as sunlight hit me, my headache has got worse.

    Next food shopping must uses the toilet. I am rest for while on this bench. My eyes are feeling funny.

    It has a plaque on it said “In Loving memory Of Stephen “someone has vandalise it now this dis respect is that. I close my eyes just for minute.

    Leaf landed on my face, the wind is still stirring with of what autumn has left behind. I feel bit groggy, bit off balance as I got up and I think might have migraine. As I grab my stuff; I see red on the bench, “Oh no sitting on red spray paint, I won’t be able get remove of new coat” I thought . Only it brought last week. Slow walk to the path, what was I supposed to do next, where my list. My hand found it. It Asdas for food shopping. My eyes keep going blur and double vision but must get on. Suddenly I feel nausea, five minutes later I saw my breakfast laid on the path. Bits of orange cereal and toast floating with tea.

    I made to gate, I have come light head, and ‘thank you people are come’. They just looked at me with disguised and just scroll by. My legs are wobbled and I can see the gravel path come toward an alarming rate. My body starting shake violently, someone my feet but they take my wedding ring and bag.

    “That will teach you for be drunk” the boy laugh as he spoken.

    Copyright (C) 2011, Zoolane

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