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    This Little Box
    Mark Twain once said, “The world doesn’t owe you anything. It was here first.” We live on this planet without acknowledging the extraordinary life forms around us, how unique each individual is. We pass hundreds of inhabitants each day with different stories, distinct cultures, and varying outlooks on life itself. Every being on this earth is their own rare creature.
    Even so, we are all searching for a little box to fit into. This little box will protect us, and shield our eyes from the wickedness of the world, until we have found the essence of the inconceivable idea that is life. In this sanctuary, we believe skin pigment is a better judgment of character than what is ever churning in our souls. We believe sexuality depicts personality, that religion embodies conservatism. The number of bodies that we have exposed ourselves to seems to reflect our worthiness. We are taught to give, but to expect something in return. We are taught to take, but only when it can go unseen.
    Each day I sit quietly and watch, watch minds clash in disagreement, watch politics and misinformation rupture the unity of this small world. Bigotry and malevolence are bestowed upon us, in a manor of not one detrimental attack, but many slight injustices that will amount to the slaying of this humanity. Empty speeches are dissipated across media outlets. Desolate minds aimlessly smash their fingers into keyboards, struggling to articulate an intelligent thought, hoping their ignorance will not show through from behind the dimly lit screen looking back at them.
    The only way out of this dystopian cell is death itself. Only then will the happenings of our existence become clear. We will no longer be enslaved to the parochial ways of the intolerant world. The claustrophobic casket will open, and everything we are taught to know will come spilling out. The blurry glasses of society will fall, the lenses of ignorance we have worn far too long; smashed, the stiff frames of social order will fall between the cracks. Once and for all, we will step out of this immured enclosure, open our unclouded eyes, breathe in enlightenment. All is clear.



    Nowadays the most important word that we care about is always “ME”…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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