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    My CP and I (we met one year ago on LWC) are looking for another CP who would like to join us. We both write contemporary YA. Mine is soft SciFi and my partner’s is fantasy-romance. We would like to add another writer that we can hopefully form a long term CP partnership with. You don’t need to have a lot of experience with critiquing. We understand that critiquing another writer takes practice just like writing.

    We are friendly writers who are looking for honest and encouraging feedback, and we promise you will get the same from us. As part of our group, we’ll make you feel welcome and we won’t simply brush off your story or hurry through your critique. Your story will be treated like it is one of our own. We swap chapters every other week. We prefer this method over writing a whole manuscript and then swapping novels. You can imagine the agony of a writer who has written a 80K word manuscript only to find out they have a huge plot hole. So we believe the intimacy of working on chapters is the best way to go. We’re able to concentrate much deeper on a story when taking it a chapter at a time versus trying to critique an entire novel at once.

    If you’re someone who understands the basics of storytelling, can assist another writer in pointing out writing related issues such as inconsistent characters, lack of tone, big picture problems or plot holes, please send me a message. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks so much!

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