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What is your chick lit book about?

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    febe moss

    Hey everyone.

    What is your ckick lit book about? How far are you from finishing it?

    My story is an urban mythology chick lit novel. Some of the greek gods and mythological beings are alive and well in modern time due to events that happened in the 1960′s. Most are in New York. A Young gorgon named Medusa (named after the infamous gorgon) is the PR person for the exisiting MB’s with help from Hermes and Prometheus. Meanwhile she is trying to have a love life and move on from her ex Ares. She has just turned 30 and realized she does not have the genetic stone disease which plagues her kind. Unrest is brewing with some of the MB’s, which will hurt the uneasy peace between humans and MB’s. Plus Medusa will find out she has a bigger history than she could ever imagine.

    I’m on the second draft of my story. I cut my original story in half at the suggestion of my local critique group. It was a tough cut but it was the right cut. Trying to have a finished manucript at the end of this year or by start of next year.



    I describe myself as “Writing in Flip Flops” and my novels can include all ages but focus on women in their late 30s/over 40. Right now I’m writing the sequel to my published novel “Real Women Wear Red” but am querying more of a women’s fiction/chick lit suspense.



    I started my Chick Lit work-in-progress as part of Camp NaNoWriMo (a spin-off of National Novel Writing Month) in July of this year. Here’s the synopsis I wrote for my novel:

    “Many women would kill for one night with critically acclaimed A-list actor Ethan Trent. Unfortunately for Claire Packard, she got him for a whole month.

    All Claire wanted was some time off with family in LA after burning out as an investment banker… but a series of disastrous events has led her to take the role of Ethan Trent’s date for the Oscars. Not content with playing mere eye and arm candy to a very eligible bachelor, Claire must contend with stylists, agents, exes – and even Ethan’s own mother – to embrace her inner Hollywood bombshell while still staying true to her own self.

    Eventually Claire lets down her guard… especially around Ethan, who turns out to be way different from the intense persona he plays in public. She is his date, after all, and they must get to know each other well before they face the cameras on the red carpet. Soon they find themselves growing closer to each other, but the question still remains: Will things ever really be the same between them, once the award season ends?”



    All of these sound like great reading. It’s funny how chick lit seems to be based in either LA, NYC or London! I suppose it’s the sex appeal of the city.

    Mine is also set in LA and is about the main protagonist’s struggle to find out what she wants to do with her life, as well as her inner battle to please everyone in the process. It has a quarter-life crisis theme running through it and naturally there is a love interest, a scandal, and a small paranormal element too 🙂



    Laura, I noticed that too about chick-lit settings in LA and NYC! I think it’s got something to do with the urban “vibe” from these cities – most folks are familiar with LA either from frequent visits or constant exposure through films and TV shows. I have family in Southern California, so I’m familiar with certain parts of LA that I have visited in the past.

    For what it’s worth, the first chick-lit novel that I had ever finished was mostly set in Manila, but with pivotal scenes in LA, Chicago, and Hong Kong. 🙂



    I’m a Southern girl. I’ve set my story mainly in Savannah, GA. A romantic and picturesque backdrop against my characters rough edges. At the beginning of the story one character lives in Nashville, TN and briefly Atlanta, GA.



    I’m a native Dallasite who’s lived in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and travelled all over the country — I currently live near Austin.

    My story KITTY’S TALE is set in Dallas — Kitty is a HS counselor whose carefully scructured personal life is reduced to a state of chaotica by: Tori, a grown daughter Kitty gave up for adoption in infancy; Kitty’s first and only love (and Tori’s unknowing father), Pete; a family that includes a mother (who opens her home to her grandchildren, ex-husband and former daughter-in-law), a gay brother, a drug addicted sister, and Dani, Kitty’s 16-year-old niece that she loves like a daughter.

    I’m interested in people and relationships — what makes them tick, warts and all. I especially like writing realistic dialogue, because it’s one time I can play with the response until it’s exactly what I want said — not, “What I should have said…”



    I agree about the major cities. For my book, it feels like I wrote down a list of rules and broke all of them! 🙂

    First person? Nope, I wrote mine in third, limited.
    Female protagonist? Nope, male main character.
    NYC, London, or LA? Nope, Washington, DC
    Everyone works out in the end? Yes, but not for who you think!

    My debut novel CANCELLED is about a robotics engineer engaged to his business partner who has a previous one-night stand return his shirt. Pregnant. And it’s his.

    I had so much fun writing the light-hearted scenes that are typical for chicklits (and a big reason I love reading them) with the underlying drama still there. But I had to really challenge myself to make it believable from a guy’s POV. So instead of a “female bonding” scene, there’s the male bonding scene of testing out their new robot, with smoke machines, music, lab coats, oh, and a call to the paramedics! 🙂

    For my second novel, SERVED, it’s even more of a challenge, because there’s a history for these characters I have to honor.

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