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What is your mainstream novel about?

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    Cathy Franklin

    Tell us a little about what you are writing and what makes it mainstream?



    I write stuff that I can’t normally pin down to one genre. It’s typically character driven with a criminal bent to it. So, it’s not necessarily crime fiction. I’m looking for someone to critique some of my stuff.



    The main character in my novel is a 32 year old widow who hangs onto her late husband’s memory. She finally, after seven years, starts processing what happened, in order to start a new career and find a new love. She runs into many difficulties along the way, both internal and external. Her two close friends try to help her, while their own marriages fall apart. The three stories end up intertwined.
    I couldn’t decide if this story falls into the women’s fiction or literary fiction category and finally settled on mainstream. It’s a lot about character and the themes of loss, career vs. family, and how we can ever know our partners, but I think the plot is strong and I didn’t attempt to be literary. There is very little pop culture, so it isn’t chick lit. It’s about every day life



    What makes my novel mainstream?

    A man in his late 20s, estranged from his father receives a letter informing him of said father’s dead and summoning him to the little village of Woodstock, Oxfordshire. There he is handed the responsibility of running the family business until his half-brother (16) graduates from University or turns 25, whichever happens firsts.

    He decides to stay because he believes that he is better than his father, a man he saw as a irresponsible runner who never did the right thing. But as he delves into the business and life in Woodstock he realizes that there is more to family than responsibility and more to love than passion. And that every thing he thought about his father was wrong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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