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Where is everyone from? critique experience?

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    febe moss

    Hey, thought we’d try to get to know each other more.

    I’m from Denton, TX.

    I have a local critique group but looking to get some fresh eyes on my work.

    I’ve been critiquing regulary for over 2 years. I’ve critiqued in college regulary as well.


    Hey, thanks febe for introducing yourself. I’m Karen from Chicago. I’ve been to Denton. I visited North Texas as a college choice. Isn’t there a restaurant called the Flying Tomato or something tomato there?

    Anyway, I’ve been critiquing for some time. I truly enjoy it and find myself critiquing best sellers! Whoops.

    I have a piece to be critiqued. I wrote a novel in a chick lit manner with a murder/mystery vibe.

    Anyone interested?



    Hey all – I’m originally from California now living in Las Vegas. I’ve been in critique groups off and on, had CPs who have come and gone, so would love to find new critiquers. I have an editing background so, yes, I critique everything, too. lol!

    Karen, my favorite author is Laura Caldwell from Chicago – I love how she makes Chicago come alive. Your novel “Chasing Avenues” sounds fun. Would like to take a peek at what you’ve got now.


    Kenra Daniels

    I’m from a little bitty town – we have *one* stop light – in rural northeastern Kentucky. It’s also the biggest town in the county, which is the 3rd largest county in the state in terms of square miles. Hubby is retired from the Army, so we’ve traveled and lived lots of places.

    I’ve done quite a bit of critiquing. My regular CP and I have worked together nearly two years, but we both need fresh eyes on our work. I’ve also had a couple other short-term CPs. I’m a founding member of Penguin’s BookCountry writing community (under a different name, unfortunately) and critting other members’ work is a central focus there. That started back in the spring, so I’ve done quite a bit of critting there.

    I’m most interested in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I’ve critted work in most genres at one time or another.



    Hello all!

    I’m Monica from Florida 🙂 I’ve been critiquing for some time, but mostly single chapters on some online writing communities.

    I’m currently editing my paranormal romance, in hopes to start the query process so this website is heaven sent. I’ve actually never had a critique partner so this seems like a great place to get started.

    I love all things romance, but am open to other genres as well.


    Cathy Franklin

    I’m Cathy, currently living in SE Arizona, but originally from the south around Mississippi and Louisiana.

    I’ve been critiquing for many years, used to be in a group called the Sisters of the Scribe some years back. I enjoy reading just about anything, mostly like chic lit/romance or mysteries.

    Glad to meet everyone!



    I live in Rutledge, Tennessee, which is a small farming community. I have been a member of an on-line writing group for four years and that is where I began critiquing others work. I recently joined a second on-line writing group and have been submitting critiques there as well.



    Hi All, I’m from Nashville, TN. I’ve just completed critiquing a romance novel with a suspense element. Prior to that I’ve mostly critiqued as part of online writing classes. I enjoy reading women’s fiction, mystery, suspense and just about anything with a good story.



    Hi all! I’m Stella, and I live in the Philippines… but I’ve lived overseas for most of my life, and spent 12 years in Hawaii before moving back to my home town two years ago.

    Right now I’m wading back into the critiquing process after years of doing it off-and-on after graduating from college with a degree in Creative Writing. Prior to joining this group I’ve exchanged manuscripts with an online friend that I’ve met on another site. Apart from that I have some experience in editing and proof-reading, but my critiquing style is usually to concentrate more on the plot and character aspects of the story.

    Like many of you, I enjoy reading anything with a good story, but most of my regular reads are in the chick lit and mystery genres.

    Glad to meet everyone here!


    febe moss

    that’s cool you visited UNT. Well many many years ago they changed their name to the Tomato. From 2001-2005 I attended UNT and it was my regular hangout. Like the plot of a book, some big developers came and destroyed fry street, where the tomato was located. and the night before it was to be demolished, someone set fire to it to spare it from being bulldozed.



    I just may have died and gone to heaven now that I’ve found LWC! I’m Frances, live near Austin, Texas and write women’s fiction, although a YA story has been simmering on a back burner in my head for too long.

    I’m a compulsive reader of just about everything, except horror and science fiction/fantasy. I’m looking for a CP for a contemporary novel I’ve completed, but after reading THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY, I’m not so confident. :-/

    I have strong editing and critiquing skills from teaching English and working in publishing (yearbook) for 10+ years.

    I’m a graduate of TWU in Denton, loved the Flying Tomato pizza and appreciate your story about its demise, Febe — how Texas!

    Looking forward to our shared futures. Take care and God bless us everyone!



    I have the same sentiments as fgs621. I’m so glad to find a group of likeminded writers. I’m from Montana and love it here. I’ve critiqued for years, but each critique partner has, over the years, dropped out of writing. It’s sad to see, but understandably, since each one has a very sad story about either getting publishd or not quite getting published. I’m excited to be around what looks like a bunch of excited writers!



    Hello, I’m Yawatta, and I live in good ole West Virginia. It’s more city than country==only 1 hour and 10 minutes away from Washington DC.

    I have experience in critiquing at Absolute Write Forums under Share Your Work (horror, mystery, and women fiction sections). I currently have a male critique partner to get a guy’s perspective on my romance drama while he hears my suggestions on his murder mystery. Also joined a critique group online recently where I’ve been participating often. People on there are mostly fantasy genre, so me and another lady are the oddballs out LOL.

    I have experience with critiquing different genres. I usually give a broad detail of what I thought–acting more as a reader instead of a writer helping another writer out. But, my crit partner asked me to do line-by-line which I have no problem with getting more specific.

    Keep smiling,



    Hi, I’m Missy and I live in Northwest Arkansas – home of the Arkansas Razorbacks! Whoo Pig Sooie!

    I’m ecstatic to find this website and hope to develop long lasting relationships with fellow writers.



    I’m CJ and I live in the Arkansas Ozarks. I’m new to this site and hope to make friends with others and find a CP. I haven’t done all that much critiquing, but have judged for a couple of RWA contests.

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