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Will you be my friend?

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    Hello all,

    I know this might seem weird to post on a critique forum, but I’m looking to make some friends. I’d like to be able to swap chapters or short stories or flash fiction or novellas or even 300K novels with people. I’d like them to have similar tastes in reading/writing styles (Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Diana Gabaldon, Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, etc). I’d like to share stuff like song interests that might inspire writing. I’d like to have a way to peek in on them and their progress, like if they have a blog where they talk about their lives and work. I want someone who won’t judge me for exceeding 200K on a novel. I’d like someone who enjoys my writing and I enjoy reading theirs. I’d like to be able to share artwork that’s story related, and have artwork shared with me. I do self-publish and have no desire to pursue traditional publishing, in case that affects anyone’s opinion of me. I’m also terrible at marketing, therefore I’m not what one might consider a successful self-published author.

    I’m currently working on a sequel to an epic fantasy novel, but I’m slow due to the demands of family and work, so it’s been a project for the past five years now. I have 100K written towards it, plus a novella on the side that I’ve been trying to finish. Occasionally I pump out a short story, the latest of which released last October and it’s the first in the anthology it’s in, which lets the reader read the whole thing in the Kindle preview window. I can share it if anyone wanted to sample my work to see if they’d enjoy my style or not.

    So what do you say? Anyone want to be my friend?

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