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    So this might sound like a weird request, but here is what I am hoping for. I am going through my third edit of a manuscript I am hoping to have ready to query by the beginning of March. It is a YA Fantasy, An Ember in the Ashes meets the magic of Frozen.

    I am looking for someone to read as I go, to help keep me on a time table and staying productive and motivated. Basically, by the end of next week I will have the first 100 pages edited of this last pass. I am hoping to find someone I can give those pages to and while they read those pages, I work forward, and then feed them the next chunk and the next chunk until its through!

    I am willing to swap, of course, or return the favor if this sound like something someone else might be interested in. If I do swap, I am not a fast reader, but I will stay with you and work through the manuscript even if it takes me a month or two.

    Let me know, or feel free to message me to chat! Thanks!




    That doesn’t sound like a weird request I am the same way when I get to the point of my novel that I need another pair of eyes. I have to warn you I’ve never been a CP before. I’m a big reader and I generally know if something is missing in a story with big or little picture. What are you looking for specifically in a CP is it big picture looking for plot holes, character development or grammar and punctuation?

    I am a fast reader and love a good story. I read a lot especially in the YA genre and I write it as well. I’ve self-published two books last year, full length novel and a novella. The novel is YA fantasy, and the novella a spin off focusing on romance.

    I am looking for a CP myself. I’m in the beginning of a novella that is focusing in YA romance and won’t be ready to share it until mid February to early March.

    Have a good day,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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