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    I have a YA contemp in verse that I’m currently revising. I would love to find a beta or CP that also enjoys verse, though not it’s not necessary that you write it. It’s only 25,000 words! So it’s a pretty short time commitment… 😉

    Here’s my summary:

    Fifteen-year-old Eden Thompson made a promise to her dad and to God to remain pure until marriage. Then her dad dies, and no matter how much she prays, God doesn’t answer. Meanwhile, her friends hide behind text messages but never call, and her mom spends most of her time behind a closed door with a bottle of wine.

    Deserted with her grief, Eden starts a poetry blog. Online, she’s part of a community where people listen to her. Especially Mason, who leaves her long messages that remind her she’s not alone. He’s also lost a parent, so he understands the empty space in her life– the one that not even God can seem to fill. Through their poetry and grief, they are connected.

    When they finally meet ten months later, Mason is just as understanding and intense in person. Then he kisses her, and all they breathe is each other. The temptation of his body and the sensation of his fingers under the hem of her shirt have her feeling more alive than she has in nearly a year. She tries to remember the promise she made her dad, but her desire for Mason overwhelms her. Eden must figure out exactly what she believes about purity, about God, about her dad, and most importantly, about herself, before she gives away something she can’t get back.

    THE PROMISE RING is a young adult novel told in verse, complete at 25,000 words.

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