Friday Round Up | Plus my first ever video blog!


What a wonderful week. I’m talking about this week’s events at Ladies Who Critique on my very first video blog today, which I am totally new at, so don’t laugh…! I think it’s nice to watch a video rather than read a post from time to time to give the eyes a break from all that text. In case you can’t watch video or don’t have time (it’s about 2.5 mins) there is a round up of the topics I cover in it listed below.

– Ladies Who Critique beta launched on August 10th  and we had 70 + sign ups in 24 hours!

– It’s in it’s beta stage so there are still some hiccups and kinks but we are working on it (especially forum & activity related)

– We welcome your suggestions for improvements (laura {at} ladieswhocritique {dot} com)

– We are accepting applications for Ambassadors! Find out more here. This will help the site run smoothly and enable us to expand to more sub genres!

– Our monthly contest is open now

– Have a fabulous weekend!

So what do you think? Video blogging yay or nay?

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