Friday Round Up | Week 2

Friday Round Up | Week 2

Today is week 2 of Ladies Who Critique and a lot of things have been going on around here.

By the way, I do realize that today is Saturday, despite the fact this is a Friday round up. My sister is in town from England and we have been driving around California trying to fit in as much sunshine as possible while she’s here (and shopping, and eating and she even dragged me to the beach. It’s a hard life!). So late last night I arrived back from San Diego to a gazillion emails and no time to post this.


(Side note: San Diego Zoo is WONDERFUL and even though I’m not a huge fan of zoos, this one is doing loads of conservation work and the animals have ample space and it’s just a pretty happy place all round. AND THERE ARE BABY PANDAS!!! I was so happy about this. If you ever have a chance to go, DO IT.)

(photo credit Washington Post)

Here is a quick recap of the cool things happening at LWC;


– We have added 2 new groups: Publishing Advice & Help (share your experience and learn more here), & the Writers Coffee Shop (discuss anything you like here and give yourself a break). I hope adding these will mean that the threads stay more on topic and also means we can share advice across genres and not just within one particular group.

– I am in the process of writing our first ever newsletter and am accepting shameless plugs from you all! If you have anything to brag about – no matter how big or small, let me know know. We are your biggest cheerleaders after all!

– We now have group moderators for several of the groups and I will be introducing these fantastic women to you soon. If you wish to apply there are still some spots left (and I would love you forever).

– I am in the process of hiring a site developer to make the forums more logical, make the site more user friendly, and fix any bugs we have right now. This will be an ongoing process but there will be improvements coming soon (yay!) I welcome all suggestions for improvement (how ironic – critiquing a critique website ;))

I think that’s all for now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and just in case you are not I’ll leave you with another panda picture sure to make you smile.

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See you next week!

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