Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day

Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day

I didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving. The most the majority of British people know about this holiday is learned on FRIENDS and involves a frazzled Monica desperately trying to get everything perfect and Joey getting his head stuck in the turkey (or is that Christmas? Either way I’m pretty sure it’s stolen from this episode of Mr. Bean!).

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But from getting close to a lot of American friends over the years, as well as spending last year’s Thanksgiving in California, I’ve grown to love the idea of the holiday. Not necessarily all the traditions that some people love it for (I don’t eat turkey and I did get up at 4am for Black Friday last year only to come home empty handed!), but for the simple act of focusing on the positive, showing gratitude for the smallest of things, and realizing how lucky we all are.


Kristen Lamb said it best on her blog yesterday, and since I don’t think I could write any better, I’ll leave you with my favorite excerpt from the post on her site “Warrior Writers“. If you are an author and are trying to build a platform or understand social media and blogging, Kristen is one of the best authorities on the subject and I strongly recommend buying her books or subscribing to her newsletter. She’s also incredibly entertaining, but today I’ll leave you with deeper words from her.


“We have all kinds of ways to be thankful and many things to be grateful for that we might not even notice. The next time you go to complain, I challenge you to think of the blessing that inconvenience really is. I do this myself when I hear complaints and grumblings coming out of my mouth. I’ll show you what I mean…

I am thankful for all the laundry I have to do, because it means I have clothes to wear.


I am thankful for the dishes that need washing, because it means I didn’t go hungry.


I am thankful for the big electric bill, because it means my home has lights and heat.


I am thankful for the sheets that need to be changed, because it means I own a bed.


I am thankful for all the reading I have to do, because it means that I am literate.


I am thankful for the car that needs an oil change because it means I don’t have to walk miles and miles to get what I need.


I am thankful for that parking space waaaaayyyy out in the back, because it means I don’t have to park in a handicapped space. I can walk.


I am thankful for the garage that needs to be cleaned out, because it means I am blessed with plenty.


I am thankful for the chores to be done, because it means I have family who love me enough to travel to see me.


I am thankful for the litter-box that needs cleaning and the dog blankets that need washing because it means I have pets who love me unconditionally.


I am thankful for the split ends I have, because it means I haven’t lost all my hair to chemo.


I am thankful for the Christmas cards I need to send, because they could as easily be funeral announcements.


I am thankful for the traffic snarls that catch me, because the body the firemen pulled out of the fatality accident could have been me.


I am thankful for the gutters I need to clean, because it means that I have a home.


I am thankful for all the Christmas shopping I have to do, because it means I am not alone.


I am thankful for my less than perfect thighs. It means I didn’t lose my legs in a car accident or to an IED.


I am thankful that I sometimes have doubts and confusion about my future and my purpose when I think of the lives cut short before they ever had a future.


I am thankful for the government I like to gripe about, because I don’t fear going to prison or being shot if I disagree with my country’s leadership.


I am thankful for my freedom and the amazing men and women who put their lives on the line to protect it.”


To read the rest of Kristen’s post, an Attitude of Gratitude, see here.


Have a GREAT holiday if you are in the US, and if you are not, why not just give thanks for the good things in your life today anyway?


Writing Love & Thankfulness,

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