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How To Format a Query Letter & Why You Need to Read Nathan Bransford’s Blog

Good morning all. Hope that your week is going swimmingly and now it’s Wednesday, you’re half way through. Hoorah!

I’m going to assume that you have heard of the awesome Nathan Bransford. If you have, then no more introduction is needed. If somehow you haven’t, then… you’ll thank me later 🙂


If you are querying, or plan to in the near future, go over and bookmark Nathan’s blog and then black out a weekend or so to read all of his wonderful advice on querying. As an ex-agent turned author, the man offers us insight into that place no one can understand.


The mind of an agent (it’s a scary place!!)…



AND what they are looking for, and what they’ll pass without further ado, in a query. It’s like a goldmine over there. The blog has been a wee bit quiet of late, but that’s okay ‘cos it will give you tons of time to wade through the archives and play catch up!


Here are the posts I suggest you start with.

Why You are Receiving Rejections

The Importance of a Pitch (video)

* How to Format a Query Letter * READ THIS!

Make Our Lives (Agents) Easier

Things I Don’t Need to Know in a Query


And… If you are not close to querying yet, Nathan is an author too and offers a ton of writing advice.


Check out his general post on How to Write a Novel & the Writing Advice Database.


Phew. That should keep you a bit busy.


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