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Ladies Who Critique – New logo reveal!

Ladies Who Critique – New logo reveal!

Back in August 2011 when I was putting Ladies Who Critique together, it was just me and the hubby working on the site with no budget. We pooled together our strengths, but one thing neither of us had was graphic design! We did what we could though, and I came up with the concept for the LWC logo, and he made it happen:



You’ve been kind to me, little LWC lady.

Now that LWC is almost 9 months old though, it’s time for her to grow up! I didn’t want to stray too far from the original concept, one that reflects our tagline: “Take your writing to the next level”. But I did want the logo to be more polished and a ‘lil more sophisticated. After some trial and error (some of which took place on the LWC facebook page! – join us if you can~), and lots of feedback from members, friends and family, I’m very happy to reveal to you our new logo…


I really think it pops, don’t you? 

Thank you so much to everyone who had a say in its creation, especially those who pointed out that some of the draft logos looked like she was holding a stack of pancakes! Hungry are we? 🙂


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