“Looking for a Critique Partner” | Listings As of November 23rd

“Looking for a Critique Partner” | Listings As of November 23rd

I try to write these List of Members Looking for a Critique Partner posts frequently, copying and pasting member’s statuses and threads from the forum. If you want to be featured, be sure to update your status, or drop me an email letting me know you are on the hunt for a CP!

If I have featured you in the list below and you are no longer looking for a CP, please let us know in the comments below, or shot me a quick message (@laura) . Thanks!

1. @strawberryfields70

“Looking for a critique partner! I’m about 40 pages into my first draft (women’s fiction).”

2. @roxeannegalpin

“Currently looking for a critique partner.” Young adult/ women’s fiction.

3. @chealseathewriter

“Looking for a critiquing partner. Willing to be one as well!” Sci-fi & fantasy

4. @anamk

“critique partner required urgently,,, fantasy novel,, vampires//evil///white magic////romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

5. @blossomeze

“hey everyone, I’m currently writing a YA that isn’t fantasy or science fiction and I need a critique partner; someone who will follow me through my different stages of writing. hope to hear from y’all soon”

6. @stephanie

“Really looking for a critique partner!” Historical fiction.

7. @allyson

“I am looking for a critique partner. My WIP is about an angel who unexpectaditly takes the crown fron her parents in order to help one of her very close friends. But everything goes wrong and she ends up on earth, with her soon to be abusive ex husband who is hell bent on killing her and her family to take over her city with his human partner in crime.” Sci-fi & fantasy.

8. @diana2106

“My WIP is a YA/fantasy/romance about a young woman who finds out she’s a faery princess and the key to fulfilling a prophecy to end the war between the faeries. There’s magic involved, romance, and butt-kicking. I’m looking for a crit partner that will help make my story flow better. Someone who will be honest and be able to email regularly. There’s nothing worse than sending something to someone and for weeks to know what they think! In return, I will also respond quickly and be honest with my opinions. I have one critique partner, but would love other opinions as well! Msg me if interested!” Sci-fi & fantasy.

9. @hiroko

“A critique partner would be MOST welcome.” Sci-fi.

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