List of Members looking for Critique Partners, 12/16

List of Members looking for Critique Partners, 12/16

 Here is a list of members currently looking for CPs. If I’ve missed you off somehow, don’t forget to leave a note in the comments!


1. @Roxeannegalpin

“Currently looking for a critique partner.” About a overweight teenaged girl who’s ignored by her mother, cast aside by a father who’s embarrassed by her, ridiculed by her classmates, and finds love unexpectedly. This girl is quirky and irreverent with a somewhat sardonic wit. And at the tender age of 16, she is an entrepreneur. She wants to like her body. She also wants acceptance. For a fat girl, these two things can seem mutually exclusive.

2. @stargirl09

“I’m looking for a critique partner for my contemporary YA novel. If anyone wants to swap chapters message me.” ·

3. @savageamber

“Looking for a crit partner.”

A young adult series set in a dystopian future.

4. @tcjones30

“Looking to critique/ be critiqued by anyone not writing YA Paranormal/Fantasy/Supernatural”

I have completed a women’s fiction novel set in Savannah, GA. It’s about the lives of three people who have completely screwed up and their attempts to stumble through life, love and family. Each chapter alternates the pov of one of the three main characters.

5. @michelledevans

“I’m hoping to find a someone who’ll stick with me through critiquing my YA contemporary – at a relatively fast pace.”

Contemporary YA

6. @miguelinaperez

” I just finished writing a Regency romance mystery. I am looking for someone to partner with, i.e., I will look at yours if you look at mine. I am looking for a long-term relationship in partnering for critique. The Vicar’s Deadly Sin is a regency period romance and murder mystery. It is sort of Jane Austen meets Nancy Drew.”

7. @eyewrite

…my [short] stories are about characters I imagine in historical situations, i.e., an Aztec warrior during the invasion of Cortez; what may have been the reason for a young man having been executed then buried in an Irish bog; a variation on the story of Lot’s Wife. I like finding hidden histories and then building stories around them.

Also, I enjoy writing funny stories, three of my characters are: a retired pirate rabbit, a geriatric rabbit and her turtle husband, who is named Arisortle. I love language and it’s part of what happens when the story takes over and writes itself. I don’t think that scary/creepy/dark and funny are genres, but that’s where I’d put them. I like the idea of a partner in another country, as opposed to the US.”

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