Looking for a CP Listing, Feb 15th 2012

Looking for a CP Listing, Feb 15th 2012

Here’s a list of lovely members looking for Critique Partners this week! As always, if I missed you please leave a note in the comments. Happy hump day, all!




@kellyallan3081: YA Paranormal

“I think I’ve outgrown my online critique circle. I’m not getting the kind of feedback I need. Also I’m receiving some encouraging (rejection) letters from agents. I think I’m close but I need someone new to my manuscript to help me smooth out the edges.”


@kimberlyfdr: Contemporary YA Fantasy

“Hi all! My urban fantasy / supernatural manuscript is being automatically entered in Cupid’s Literary Connection Agent Auction later this month, where I have to submit the meat of my query and my first 250 words. BIG PRESSURE since 7 of the 11 agents listed are at the top of my query list :-0

Would anyone be available to give feedback on my revised query and first 250 words? I’ve gone over them with multiple people already and I think I have them polished, but I need more eyes :)

Feel free to email me directly at kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com


@Bodicea Women’s Fiction

“I write women’s fiction, but not really chick lit. I’d love to find a great CP.”


@Anniea Women’s Fiction

“Write women’s fiction – romantic mystery – not chick lit. Need aCP pretty quickly as am about to self-publish!”


@Tiffanylwright Chick Lit/ Women’s Fiction

“I’ve just joined too. I’m looking for a chick lit/womens fiction partner. Am willing to put in lots of work and help my CP as much as poss.”

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