Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, 5/18/2012

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, 5/18/2012



Here is the list of members looking for a CP this week. Now what are you waiting for? Go get critiquing!

– Laura


@anapin – YOUNG ADULT

“I want to find a long term cp , that want to share stories as we write them and critique in all the terms of it (grammar,plot,arcs,flow,etc.)

I’m willing to do the same in exchange every time this cp needs to.

Something about my story:

Muriel Blythe, 18, has a supernatural gift that is also a curse—she can feel everything someone else feels, or make them feel what she’s feeling. When Muriel is unable to control her gift, her sister almost dies. To protect her adoptive family from herself and learn alone how to control her gift, Muriel moves to Madrid, Spain.

In Madrid, Muriel finds only a bigger curse. Shadowy creatures called Malekia want to kill her by absorbing her soul—and she doesn’t know why. Some creatures of light called Luxben appear to help her, only saying that rescuing people is what they do—anything more. While living with the Luxben Muriel starts feeling things for their leader, Dalkiel. She begins to love him even when she isn’t sure who or what he really is, but she’s certain that he isn’t totally a light like the other Luxben. He has something dark in him; his light isn’t bright and clear. It’s like a glowing shadow. 

Muriel learns that rather than a curse, her gift is her only weapon to protect the ones she loves. She fights a deadly battle to discover what the Malekia and Luxben really are, and why the Malekia want her dead. But she will also find out that her profound and passionate love for Dalkiel is star-crossed, that she’s not as human as she thought, and that she will have to convince him that their love is worth everything- even the blend of good and evil.

I’m a spanish-mexican woman. I’m 30 years old , married and with two children. I’m bilingual in english and spanish since I was a kid.”


“Hi! I’m seeking a writing buddy who can critique a children’s picture book. 

It is important that I find someone who can give me honest criticism. As my goal is to publish this book in 6 months, I’m looking for someone who can work under a deadline with a quick turn around. I’m also willing to make a trade if you have a manuscript in need of critiquing.

If you’re interested, I would enjoy hearing from you!”

jennadanielle – YOUNG ADULT


I’m Jenna, a 24 writer from Canada! I’m trying my hand at YA (contemporary romance) and don’t have a clue what I’m doing! I usually write adult paranormal / horror (new adult would be a better fit, but that’s too popular) so I’m open genre wise!
Shoot me an e-mail , jennadanielle87@gmail.com if you’re interested! Or you can tweet me @raddestgirlever!”

leahwrites – YOUNG ADULT

“Hello, I’m Leah. I’m searching for a (some) crit partner (s) for my WIP which is a YA fantasy about a girl named Emma who was cursed 100 years ago by an Enchantress. One hundred years later the curse is broken but soon Emma will find out that her freedom comes at a high price. If you are interested please email here: swoonworthybooks@yahoo.com

I would like someone trustworthy and willing to work with me long term. I’m new at the whole critiquing thing but will be more than happy to give some feedback on your work if you are interested in swapping. Hope to hear from someone soon.” pastedGraphic.pdf

mojo09226 – EROTICA

“I would love a partner to work with and maybe we can exchange chapters for each other.”

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