Looking for a Critique Partner Listings 5/25/2012

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings 5/25/2012

Listings are super scarce this week! Seems like lots of people are having luck finding CPs on the forums which is AWESOME. If you are still on a CP hunt and aren’t listed below, feel free to write out your requirements in the comments. 

Hope you have a lovely (long – if you’re in the States) weekend filled with family, friends & fun! ~

– Laura


“As the title suggests, I’m looking for a critique partner for my 64,000 upper middle grade fantasy novel. I’ll be happy to exchange the favor, of course, and I don’t just read middle grade — I also love YA.

I’m looking for someone brutal and honest, who doesn’t care about my feelings so much as making my writing stronger.

When I get a partner, I’ll be able to check in at least once a week, depending on how in-depth you want my evaluations.

Here’s my current pitch: 

When twelve-year-old Damien Eldridge makes a mistake that gets his sister kidnapped, he must infiltrate the underbelly of the magical world to bring her back.

Unlike the rest of the Eldridge family, Damien is magically defective. While his little sister gets home-schooled in sorcery, Damien pretends to be a normal kid in the ordinary world. But secretly, he plans to steal a talisman that’ll give him powers of his own. Once he’s got it, goodbye ordinary.

Damien learns too late about the perils of stolen magic. One: real magicians hate thieves. Two: once you’ve got it, you’re stuck with it forever. And three: it’s evil. With his new talisman, Damien accidentally summons monsters who have a taste for the flesh of his family and friends.

When Damien’s sister vanishes, he knows it’s his fault — and so do the magical police. As they launch a witch hunt against him instead of a search party for his sister, Damien goes after her himself. His investigation drags him to the supernatural underworld, where one thing becomes clear: the same uncontrollable talisman that got Damien’s sister into this mess is the only thing that can get her back out alive.

If you’re interested, I’d really love to hear from you.”


“Hello Ladies:

I’m just shy of completing the second draft of my women’s fiction novel. No one has read it yet. I need some readers for general critique at first (plotline, holes, character development, etc) so I can fix all that, and then some in-depth critique. 

I am very serious about being published.

A summary: 

Evelyn “Evie” Brantley has wanted to kill her husband for the last year — too bad a car crash took care of that for her. But when the struggling, unemployed mom discovers a hidden safe in her late husband’s office, she realizes that even though her marriage, country club home, social life, and those last lingering pregnancy pounds have disappeared, her freckled nose has yet to scrape rock bottom. Instead of her vanished life savings, the safe holds a set of keys and a few papers alluding to blackmail, infidelity, and an illegitimate child.

Still reeling from the betrayal, whisks her codependent young son away to her late husband’s former playground of Costa Rica. With the help of some quirky new expat friends, Evie sets off on a wild-goose chase (technically, more like a wild-monkey chase) through a deceptive paradise, hoping to recoup some of her assets, confront his mistress, and confirm the paternity of the child. But while Evie chases ghosts, handsome resident surf bum Rye Wilder pursues her. Before she can be swept away by their building wave of attraction, Evie must save herself from drowning in the past, and learn to balance on her own awkward feet.

Hidden amongst Costa Rica’s black sand beaches, lush rainforests, and smoldering volcanoes lie the keys to heal her broken family, and the truths that may set her shattered heart free.

If anyone is interested, please email me at kskm07(at)gmail(dot)com.

Serious inquiries only, please.

Thanks–Kerry Ann”

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One thought on “Looking for a Critique Partner Listings 5/25/2012

  1. Hi Laura,

    I’m working on the second draft of my “Gypsy Spirits” sequel and I could use a critique partner. It’s a supernatural/mystery/thriller. I would be happy to critique for someone else. I am looking for someone to check for flow, boring sections (I can tend to be too wordy 🙂 and just an overall opinion that it is working. I don’t have a time constraint and I’d like to exchange a chapter at a time. Thanks.

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