“Looking for a CP” Listings | January 6th

“Looking for a CP” Listings | January 6th

Critique Partner Listings for Janury 6th. As always, let me know if I missed you off the list by leaving your info and request in the comments! – Laura

@RencyPhillip “I write short stories in my blog (rencyphilip.wordpress.com). I have asked a few writer friends to critique my work. They have all said they like what I write and I should continue writing. I wish I could get a little more direction as to where I am going wrong.”

@diannag Looking for a critique partner who’s interested in exchanging short stories throughout 2012.

@redheadnews  “I need a CP for my YA/Paranormal Fantasy. This is my 1st attempt at YA as well as Fantasy, so my concerns- to begin with- is that I want to be sure I’m using the right ”voice” and targeting the correct age group. I’ve rewritten the first few chapters several times & I’m starting to second guess myself. I”ve been writing woman’s fiction up until now, so I’m having some trouble crossing genres I believe. The story is about some graduating seniors who are Watchers (fallen angels) and travel to the Underworld where they will take on the demon Neiman Black to thwart his attempts to cause havoc during a solar eclipse. If someone would at least agree to read the first chapter to see if I’m on track….:) I like to read woman’s fiction more than Fantasy, but look forward to critiquing either one.”

@kaylinn57 “Looking for someone to critique my YA fantasy novel complete draft.”

@annamk “I have written a romance novel about two people who met five years ago by chance and then they promise to meet but the guy doesnt show up. After five years they meet in a party. and the guy wants her back but the girl is too reluctant and a lot of things have happened in her life since so she cant actually trust him. I have queried for it and got partial requests but it didnt get me anywhere. So I want someone to point out whats wrong with it. I willing to critique in return.”

@CMSikora “I need a CP for my novel. Someone who loves YA Paranormal Fantasy and isn’t tired of certain elements within that genre. The basic logline is: A boy runs away from the Underworld to live a normal human life, but being a Grim Reaper . . . nothing ever stays normal for long. I’ve gotten nothing but rave reviews so far (one was from agent Andrea Brown who said I just needed to edit more and take care of some pacing issues), so I want someone who can cut deep into the meat and tell me what is good and what isn’t, while still being able to get into the story. I’ll try to do the same for my partner(s).

I love reading and writing fantasy all across the spectrum. Just give me some magic and a strong lead character, and I’m in all the way. Dystopians and Apocalyptic stories are next on my list.”

@michelledevans “I’m hoping to find a someone who’ll stick with me through critiquing my YA contemporary – at a relatively fast pace.”

@thesilenth “looking for CPs for a YA/crossover novel in the action/adventure suspense genre. It’s completed and I’m querying. I’ve had requests for partials, but can’t get past that stage, so I’m looking for help to see what’s wrong with it!! Thanks for your help!”

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5 thoughts on ““Looking for a CP” Listings | January 6th

  1. I’ve just joined the group. I am writing a GLBT murder mystery with romantic elements. It is most definitely an ‘adult’ novel, but the gist of the story is the murder mystery. I’m looking for a crit partner who is most interested in story and character development. One with sympathy for gay and lesbian characters. I can exchange on a pretty regular schedule and excel at story critique.

  2. Please add me to. I am looking for someone to critique my anthology of poems, prose, essays and short stories. Must especially be familiar with the structure of essay writing. I will be more than happy to be your CP. Thanks!

  3. Please add me to the looking for cp list.
    I have an urban mythlogy chick lit novel. I have a great critique group but would love a fresh pair of eyes on my novel.

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