Looking for a Critique Partner 6/1/2012

Looking for a Critique Partner 6/1/2012

@smblooding – YOUNG ADULT

“My YA Steampunk is for the more mature YA readers. Synn is a member of one of the seven surviving Families. The Queens of Tarot are trying to destroy them in order to gain control of the world. However, when Queen Nix kills Synn’s father and then takes Synn as her captive, he’s thrown to the front of the war zone.

If you’d like to read the blurb, you can read it here since the above description is SO Pre-Caffeine! LOL! http://www.smblooding.com/the-hands-of-tarot/

I’m looking for honest, blunt critiques. In return, you’ll receive the same. Interested?”

@ stolen1 – ROMANCE


“I’m new to the group and I need a critique for my WIP- Sullivan’s Way (80,000). It’s a historical romance set in 1867 Virginia. I have six books plotted in this series I call Honesty. Three are historical, and three contemporary. I’m trying to get a handle on POV and pacing. I’d also like advice on what I have mapped for the series.”



+I’ll write almost everything from Fantasy, SF, Dystopia, Young Adult, Romance, Horror, SteamPunk, and so forth. Excluding erotica.

+I write novels, short-stories, and the occasional flash fiction.

+I write slowly, meticulously. Expect month-long gaps between chapters, stories, etc. I also run an online writing community full-time, so that keeps me occupied.


“I began mute, like all babies of this world. So my first language was through my hands. It was also my last.

I don’t remember the accident, but Mom said that I … slipped. Dad won’t say anything about it. He just stares into nothing, his fey colours circling around his pupils like laundry in a washing machine. It’s like a blinking cursor or a loading screen. It’s like someone blanked the tape.”


+I do use strong language and adult themes.

+I do expect feedback, not compliments. I don’t care if you liked or hated it. I want to know how the writing could be improved (i.e. tell me what words are awkwardly chosen or what characters feel unrealistic).

+I reserve the right to discontinue the relationship if your feedback is not constructive or practical.


+I will review you first, before you even read my writing. I will review the first 300 words of your novel or short-story.

+Then, once I’ve reviewed you, I will send you my writing for your critique.


+I will return any feedback that you deliver, matching it word-for-word, within forty-eight hours on your own writing.

+I review chapter by chapter or story by story.

-I only review fiction-no poems, songs, chick lit, erotica, or non-fiction.


+This page is the best way to contact me: http://www.facebook.com/MelindaAtlas

+You might have to “Like” the page to message me through it.

+If you prefer, you may also contact me through TheLitWit@hotmail.com.”

@sherilyn – YOUNG ADULT

“Hey everyone!

Sher, here. I’m new here so just wanted to let everyone know I’m looking for a CP for my edgy YA novel.

I do want to mention, however, that I also write fantasy/ paranormal YA and would love to find someone who has the same interest but at the same time isn’t *set* in anything (well, YA yes but all types of YA)

respond here, email me at sherilynhill@live.com or tweet me at @sherilynnhill


@ miguelinaperez – NONFICTION


I am looking for a critique partner to review my anthology of short stories, essays, poems and prose. Please let me know if you want to swap critiquing.


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One thought on “Looking for a Critique Partner 6/1/2012

  1. HI,
    I am in need of a critique partner for my debut novel’s sequel. “Gypsy Spirits” is on Amazon and you can read part of the first chapter to see if it is something you would like to critique. The sequel follows a similar plot and story line-a continuation of the story. It is a supernatural/mystery/thriller. I am willing to critique in return. I would be happy to do a chapter a week or a certain number of pages, whatever will work. Thanks.

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