Looking for a Critique Partner June 22nd 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner June 22nd 2012

Summer has arrived in Seattle! I am SO happy about that. Time for me to dust off my wardrobe and find something weather-appropriate this weekend. No more stomping around in boots and jackets, it’s time to show some skin 🙂

Speaking of which, I was out in the sun for all of two hours last weekend and got some pretty nice sunburn. Don’t forget your sunscreen ladies and have a fab weekend whatever the weather is like with you. Here are the Critique Partner listings for this week…


– Laura 

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@ rhlh627 Women’s Fiction/ Chick Lit

“Hello. I’m looking for a few critique partners for my chick lit novel. I’ve done two rounds of edits and I’m trying to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Here’s a brief synopsis: Jerzee Beliles is living in New York City, the place of her dreams. But she is miserable in her current life. Haunted by decisions of the past and her inability to forgive herself, she receives a text reminding her of things she longs to forget. With the text message comes a case of insomnia that she just can’t seem to shake. Refusing to take anything to help, she’s still unable to sleep, her work is suffering and things finally come to a head after an argument with her best friend. Reluctantly, she gives in and takes some sleeping pills. When she wakes her life is transformed into what she has always wanted and desired. Reliving every significant memory through flashbacks, she finally comes to terms with her choices. But like all dreams eventually she must wake. And when she does she’s confronted with the reality that things cannot go back to the way they were before.

If interested and you have the time, feel free to reply to this post or email me at: rhlhocker@hotmail.com. I’m also willing to return the favor with any help critiquing I can give.”




@ ladyscorpion – Romance

“Hi! Very new to this forum, so I’m not sure exactly how this works, but I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m currently looking for a CP and this place looks great. 

I just finished a contemporary romance. The book is finished and currently stands at 70k. It’s got suspense elements and both the hero and heroine have dark pasts. I’m told I write traditional stories, they’re deeply emotional. I write fully described love scenes and I like lots of passion, which this one has, but I don’t write anywhere near erotic.

I write clean, so it’s more of a second draft than a really raw first draft, but it’s not polished by any means, so I’m looking more for overall as opposed to technical stuff (grammar, punctuation, etc).

It’s not my first book. I’ve written something like six books now, and I have three published with small presses. I’ve been writing and critiquing for years. I’m looking for someone honest, who isn’t afraid to tell me the good and the bad, but who isn’t going to try and change my voice, my style or my vision for the book. Sadly, I say that because I’ve had it done to me one too many times.

I can critique anywhere from once a week to a couple times a week, depending. I read mostly contemporary, but I do have a love for historical and most heat levels don’t offend me.

Anyway, I think I’m writing a book here. lol I’d love to swap chapters and we can go from there. ”


@ becartdesign – Science, Fiction and Fantasy


“Hi all,
I just found this site and am lucky to also be in the mood of finding some writing partners. I have never critiqued writing (short of reading friends’ writing and letting them know what I thought) but I would enjoy getting the experience and seeing how it goes.

I haven’t got a story to swap, so for now I’m only offering my assistance.”


@ jennystan – Young Adult

“I am a brand spankin’ newbie author of a YA retelling of Sleeping Beauty. It’s a pretty loose interpretation set in the modern day. I would love to get some feedback from a frequent YA reader. If interested, send me an email jennystanaland@aol.com


@ bekelleher –Young Adult

“My WIP is about a teenage witch with lots of family secrets. She moves to a new town and falls in love while also discovering that there is a lot that her aunts have been keeping from her.

I’m brand new to critiquing. I would love to find a permanent critique partner. I’m trying to get some feedback to get the thing finished! I would also love to provide feedback, although obviously I’m not a pro.

Thanks! I’m so happy I found this site!”


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3 thoughts on “Looking for a Critique Partner June 22nd 2012

  1. Brian, I have to warn you my crits tend to be blunt, by I try to point out what does and doesn’t work and why.

    I’m a YA Author, but I’ve written other genres as well. I’ve also critiqued at Critique Circle for a few years now.

  2. Awww, I’m not on here.

    My series is called The Forsaken. I have a first draft of book one and I’m 150 pages into Book Two, but I’m also writing the second draft of Book One. The story is told from one 18-year-old male teen (Ian Sharp) and one 18-year-old female teen (Abby Swanson). Ian discovers he has supernatural powers when he’s young and they’ve plagued him ever since. He’s never figured out how to control them, except that they come out when he gets angry. He exposes himself on the last day of high school and ends up on the run from hunters. Unwittingly, he finds himself in a hidden, underground city–a sanctuary for people with powers–and meets the only girl there who doesn’t have powers, Abby.

    This is a sci-fi, romance, adventure. It is 600 pages long, but I plan to cut about 100-150 pages. I need conceptual critiques on the overall story at the moment, then I’ll need a line-by-line edit when I get the second draft finished. I am a good editor with a good concept of both story and grammar mechanics. I’d like to find a good critiquing partner who is female so she can give insight on my female character.


    • Hi Brian – so sorry we missed you.I’m going to cross-post this to the Facebook page too to see if we can’t get you a fantastic CP or 2 🙂 facebook.com/LadiesWhoCritique.

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