Looking for a Critique Partner listing, April 12th 2013

Looking for a Critique Partner listing, April 12th 2013


@saillenuinn – YOUNG ADULT

Hey folks! I’m looking for another CP to read through a completed YA paranormal. 89K. Longer pitch is in my profile, but the twitter-length pitch is: A ring of safety? As if. His Ouroboros is a circle of death, pumping out one ashy corpse at a time. Now Liese must destroy it. If interested, DM me. Will gladly trade chapters.


@patricia09 – ROMANCE

Hey everyone, I’m Patricia.

I’m currently writing 2 novels, one is a New Adult Fantasy loosely based on Red Riding Hood, and another one is an M/M contemporary with a little bit of food magic. I know the second is something that people find a little bit harder to critique for but I’m looking for someone who is flexible and open minded, and who doesn’t mind steamy scenes… as it’ll be getting steamy for both of these.

I should also say that I’m looking for long term critique partners, I kind of want to have a friendship and have fun at the same time, people who want to bounce ideas back and forth now and then!

At the moment I’m 12k into my NA Fantasy and only 1k into my M/M romance but I’ve only just settled into my new writing routine so I’m hoping it’ll render more than that and that I’ll have something more solid by April.

I’m very deadline orientated because it keeps me on track and on top of myself. I’ve critiqued before, but I tend to focus more on pacing, character voice and consistency.

I enjoy Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Erotica, YA/NA, M/M so I’d be happy to critique for any of those genres if they contain a romance theme (though the romance doesn’t even have to be the main focus of the story). I’m okay with explicit scenes and kinks too, so I’d be happy to critique those.

I haven’t had a regular critique partner since university, so to start with I’d say I can read and critique about 60 pages per week, 2 – 3 chapters.

Um, that’s it lol. Check out my profile or message me if there’s anything else you’d like to know.


@mjsdesert – ROMANCE

Hi, I’m new to LWC and very excited about the site. I’m in major need of a CP for my humorous mystery that has a heavy romance subplot. Please message me if you are interested.


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One thought on “Looking for a Critique Partner listing, April 12th 2013

  1. Am new to critiquing, but am in dire need of some critique for my novel- Adventure/Romance which is a sequel. Any one out there able to give me the ”run down” on crutiquing and willing to critique a few chapters of my novel?

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