Looking for a Critique Partner listings, April 5th 2013

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@saillenuinn – YOUNG ADULT

Hey folks! I’m looking for another CP to read through a completed YA paranormal. 89K. Longer pitch is in my profile, but the twitter-length pitch is: A ring of safety? As if. His Ouroboros is a circle of death, pumping out one ashy corpse at a time. Now Liese must destroy it. If interested, DM me. Will gladly trade chapters.


@lindseymf SCI-FI ROMANCE

Hey all! I’m looking for a CP for my YA sci-fi romance. (Light sci-fi) I’m currently working through a second draft. I’m hoping to make a lasting connection with someone who’ll enjoy my work but also be completely honest with me. I’m experienced with critiquing and would love to swap a few chapters with someone to see if we might be a “match”. If you’re interested, please let me know! I love most YA/NA with the exception of heavy, heavy fantasy. Here is a little bit about my WIP:

To Save My Life

The development of a fully functioning AI would be world–and life shattering–news. This is the reason why Aiden’s existence is kept secret from those outside A.I.R.’s facilities. He was their greatest creation until something went wrong.

Aiden’s thoughts and emotions are much too…human.

He’s deemed defective and his destruction is ordered. Breaking out of A.I.R.’s compound is his only chance at survival, if he can just get passed the secured doors—complete with fingerprinting and retinal eye scans—and armed guards. A chance run-in with Eva offers them both a choice. His life’s already at stake but hers doesn’t have to be if she just walks away. Eva can’t turn away from the simple fact that what they want is murder.

A.I.R. and the head of Project A.I.D.E.N.—Eva’s father—are looking for him and the two of them know they can’t run forever. Some people have secrets they’ll do anything to keep.



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