Looking for a Critique Partner Listings 2/1/2013

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings 2/1/2013



I’ve written a Christmas story as an Easy Reader. I would like to find someone who is experienced in writing and publishing Easy Readers to help me whip this story into shape for submission to publishers.


karenginther – ROMANCE

I’ve finished a contemporary /chick lit novella and need a CP to help with the polishing.



Would like to trade in-depth crits on SF only, short stories only. One or two a month, whatever suits.


stacihart – ROMANCE

I’m working on my first ms, a PNR with the lore based in mythology. It’s modern day, they use the humans in their games, nyc. Here’s the blip:

What do the gods do when they’re bored? Because they’re always bored, and humans are the perfect players in their games.

Aphrodite owns love; no gods have beaten her in competition on her turf in over three millennia. Apollo is on a mission to win, he’s counting on it to finally get the one woman he’s never been able to have. The two gods will choose their players and if Dita can’t get them together before the clock runs out, Apollo will get his way. And Dita couldn’t have that.

I’m looking for someone who’s readily available – I’m on skype pretty much all day every day to instant message. I’m also looking for someone who’s got a good sense of humor, enjoys drinking, the eff word, and long walks on the beach.

It’s fun, snarky, light hearted, and I’m having a great time writing it, but would like to get a few more CP’s. I’m probably only about a month out from having the ms ready to self publish, it’s currently in beta. It will be the first in a series, so this would be a long term partnership I’m looking for. Also I’m looking for people who are willing to give in depth feedback and have a bit of experience critiquing.

Check out my page if you’re interested and message me. 


ln40russell – YOUNG ADULT

Hi! I’m looking for a CP to last longer than my current WIP’s. There are several.

I’m polishing (again) a YA Urban Fantasy and would love to find a CP who I click with for this and other projects. Here’s a blurb about it.

Faeth is a pro at camouflage. She’s spent her whole life blending into the background. She’s good at it. It’s her ‘thing.’ At school, she’s all but invisible to everyone except her friends- Claire and Maille. Her plan has always been:

-Survive high school.

-Get through college.

-Begin living the life she craves.

It was a good plan.

It was a safe plan.

Then . . . Foster moved to town. The first time he looked at her, she literally became lost in his eyes. She saw more than the deep emerald green that mirrored her own. She saw his heart, his soul. In return, he saw hers. That connection forged a friendship stronger than either had known possible. They both began to truly live, to enjoy life for the first time.

After sneaking to a party her parents forbid, Faeth learns two life changing things. First, she’s not human. Second, the Oaltz, a dark line of her kind, are determined to either sway or kill her.

Since discovering her family’s secret, Faeth understands why her passion for nature and drive to protect it is so strong. She is determined to live in the human world, while keeping herself safe from the Oaltz. She knows it will take courage, commitment and sacrifice to embrace her heritage. Thankfully, she’s not alone in her quest to discover who the real Faeth is, or where her path will lead.

If this sounds like something you could get into, shoot me an email.



I’m looking for a CP for my WIP–it’s a psychological horror with supernatural elements and a female MC set in modern times. I’ve been through several drafts and have a few great CPs whom I’ve learned a lot from. The problem is they are unable to commit to timely critiques and we lose momentum. I’d love to find someone who has time for critiques of chapters on a regular basis, maybe every week/every two weeks.


megfitz89 – YOUNG ADULT

Hello! I’m currently looking for a lovely CP to help me edit my first novel as well as my short stories. 

The novel is fantasy, set on an Island that is a cross between Never Land and Purgatory. It follows a young, apathetic boy as he becomes a leader over the Island’s inhabitants. 

My short stories all range in specific genres, though they are all YA.

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