Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, April 24th 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, April 24th 2012


Looking for Critique Partner listings are UP! If I’ve missed you, you know what to do… add your needs, wants and member name/ URL in a comment below!

Have a fab Tuesday.

– Laura




Christian romance, Short stories

“I have written two novels and am currently writing my third. In between when I need a break I write short stories. While they are Christian based, they are catagorized that way because there is no swearing, sex out of marriage, etc. They are what friends consider warm lightheared romances that usually take place in a rural setting.

I’ve spent the last two years to see if I can write and if this is something I want to pursue. Friends and family have read my stories, and while I love them all I don’t trust them a bit! HA! So I am looking for some honest feedback. I really want to know what people think and am totally prepared for the negative while I am hopeful for the positive.

If interested please let me know and good luck to you!”


Short stories

“Hi there everybody, 

I have a shorty short that I need looked at, so if someone would be so kind as to offer their opinion, I’d appreciate it. If you need something looked at I will gladly return the favor.”



Romance/ Sci-fi/ Chick Lit

“Hi, I only just joined and am looking for a crit partner. I have experience with critiquing. I’ve critiqued for several published authors. Though the most recent has been academic – same concept though. Unless they’re mine I’m pretty good at finding typos and other errors. I’m very honest but not mean about critiquing. Erika”




YA Fantasy/ Adventure

“Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a/some critique parter(s) for my young adult novel, BALLOONING. I’d be very willing to make a trade if you have a manuscript in need of critiquing as well.

At 50, 000 words, BALLOONING is a fairly quick read. I’d describe it as a quirky adventure story with elements of magic. Below is a brief summary.


Fifteen-year-old Chester Phillips is building a hot air balloon, and he has every intention of flying it around the world. Unfortunately, no one really believes that Chester’s creation will get off the ground, because Chester is building it out of garbage.

Finding “just the right part” in alleyways, dumpsters, and landfills is Chester’s greatest satisfaction. Although he isn’t above sacrificing cleanliness and dignity for the parts he needs, Chester maintains one rule: he only takes things no one else wants.

Chester accidentally breaks his own rule, however, when he brings home a battered scuba tank. Inside, is a beautiful, if somewhat cold and reclusive, genie.

And EVERYONE wants a genie.


Let me know if you’d be interested in reading or making a trade. Thank you in advance!”



Historical romance
“Have a completed manuscript I’m polishing. Time Travel/Historical with romance elements. Set in 18th century Georgian London (around 1755).
 Looking for a critique partner/s who also write  in this general timeframe and who have the time to critique and be critiqued at least once a week. 

I’ve taken many classes, have critiqued a lot (my current critique partners say I am good at it, but I think I can be better), and have completed all of Margie Lawson’s classes, except for her immersion class.”
Sci-fi, Romance, Erotic
“I write sci-fi, romance, erotica novels. I would prefer to critique as well as have critiqued chapters at a time opposed to an entire book at once unless it’s a short story.”

Psssst…. @hopeshines Is offering to beta read for other members! Get in before she gets busy! 🙂

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