Looking for a Critique Partner listings, August 17th 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner listings, August 17th 2012

It’s a scorcher here in Seattle. Whoever says it rains here all the time hasn’t met July or August Seattle. Time to don my swimsuit and sip on a cocktail… Have a great weekend lads and ladies & enjoy the two critique partner listings from this past week.

– Laura 

@1000thmonkey – YOUNG ADULT

“I’m nearly done edits on my MS (end of August probably) and I’m looking for some readers to give a structural edit (so, no detail work at all, just read it through once and comment on big stuff).

I’m willing to trade for the same sort of edit, or slightly more detail, on other full MS’s, but please no Paranormal/Romance or Horror.

Here’s my tagline:

A nameless, gender-ambiguous teen rides shotgun with Triss, the driver of the car and the situation, on a mission to dump the corpse of a classmate whose death they might have, sortof, maybe had something to do with.

If you’re interested, please send me an email ”

@oshkinlobinshla – YOUNG ADULT

“Hi ladies (and gents?)

I’ve just finished the first draft of the novel I’m working on. I’m sort of a newbie in all areas… I’m new to LWC, to writing novel-length prose, and to the concept of CPs in general. I tend to be pretty private about my writing and have never allowed anyone to read it, which is why I know I need a second pair of eyes. Kind of scary, though!

If anyone’s interested in swapping a chapter or two for critique, let me know! I’m not sure how this works, if you can just reply here or send me a message, but either way is fine. I’m looking for general feedback on tone, character development, any gaping holes, that sort of thing. The plot is quite complicated, so it’s been tricky knowing where to integrate all the necessary details (currently struggling with a bit of an infodump in Ch1 – but hopefully an interesting one!), so it would be nice to see if there is any confusion from a reader along the way.

If you’re interested in the genre and are writing something with a similar vibe, I’d love to “meet” you. Please only contact me if you think we’d be a good fit!


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