Looking for a Critique Partner Listings August 31st 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings August 31st 2012

Good Friday! Look what I found on my travels last week – Writer’s Block Coffee! Who wants some? If you’re ever in the Seattle/ Pacific NW area, you can get your very own batch here.

Have a great weekend! – Laura

Writers Block Coffee

@scottslady – YOUNG ADULT

I’m looking for a CP to exchange chapters for a YA historical I’m working on. It’s Pre-Civil War South (romance with a dash of Pirates of the Caribbean). I’m published in adult historical, and I’d prefer an experienced critiquer. Thanks.




Hi there. I’m currently working on an urban fantasy novel with a splash of romance. I’m looking for a CP who is prepared to dig deep and give honest critiques. In return, I will do the same. I’ve finished my first draft (more like a detailed outline), and am editing/re-writing now. I’m looking to exchange about two chapters a week.

I’m more into urban fantasy/paranormal than SF or epic fantasy, and although my own writing doesn’t involve vamps or werewolves, I for one do enjoy a little bit of fang in my reading.

Give me a shout if you’re interested. Thanks.


My book in one sentence: United by prophecy, two women, Nieve, a magical weapons expert, and Lea, proficient in the singular art of sarcasm, must defeat a foe hell-bent on destroying the Divide, the spell that separates the magic realm from the mundane world.

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