Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, Feb 15th 2013

Happy Valentines week! Fittingly, the only listing we have this week is a romance 🙂 Enjoy!

lynn1214 – ROMANCE

“I’m new to the site so, hello! *waves to all of you* 

I’ve been writing for a living for years. Don’t get too excited, I wrote television news. A couple of years ago I decided to finally sit still long enough to write my first novel. It’s been a blast bringing my characters to life and having a few close friends read it, but I’m looking for a more critical eye. I’ve had 2 CPs read the first few chapters. Their comments and suggestions have been helpful, but I’m not opposed to having more eyes look at it. 

Oh right, I should tell you what it is! It’s a contemporary romance titled Catch My Breath. It’s fun, sexy and edgy (see the full description in my profile). 

I’d love to read some of your stuff too, so please feel free to request a read!

Talk to you soon!


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