Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, Feb 8th 2013

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, Feb 8th 2013


I have a rough draft on which I’m in the process of sanding down the roughest parts if anyone is interested in critiquing a MG stand-alone fairy tale with a Christmas theme. The ms is currently 19000+ words and sprouting. I could use a pair of objective eyes with experience in voice, style, and the art of writing. Although the story is quite simple, it has multiple plots that tie together. I think it has potential, and I would love to find a gifted critique partner!

writerbelle – YOUNG ADULT

I’d like to get a little CP group going with two to three other writers in the genre of YA fantasy (all subgenres), the idea being that we would all work together and take turns swapping work, etc. I’m not certain of the structure but I think that’s something we could work out together!
I’ve had CPs in the past, but due to dropping out of the writing world for a couple of years to complete a post-grad I’ve lost contact with them.
It would be great if we were all around the same skill level/place in the writing & publishing journey. I’ve been writing for around five years and I intend to (finally) start querying this year. I’d love to go through this with other people who are at a similar stage!

I’m looking for people who understand story craft and can give helpful, constructive critique on plot structure, characterisation, voice, etc. I’m not afraid of harsh critique and often request CPs to RIP IT TO SHREDS!

If you’re interested let me know and we can swap the first 15 pages and see how it goes.

Here’ the draft query for my WIP (queries are not my strong point…):

Dani Strider knows how to be invisible, survive alone in the wilderness, listen in on someone else’s thoughts, and how to kill a man. What she doesn’t know is why. Her life has always held more questions than answers, but despite grandparents who refuse to discuss the past and a magical gift with a mind of its own, she’s never given up on the search for answers.

When she finds herself plunged into the world of Dereshan, where magic is commonplace and everyone she meets wants to use her, she knows she’s hit gold in her search for answers. She can handle being used – if she gets what she wants in return.

Her dubiously labelled guide Jeran, a canine with an attitude and an agenda of his own, agrees to help Dani navigate the treacherous world of Dereshan – for a price.

Dereshan holds the key to her mother’s murder and her father’s identity but, surrounded on all sides by enemies dedicated to destroying her, allies who are no better than enemies, and two armies intent on tearing the world to pieces, Dani finds herself at the heart of a brewing storm.

As unique in this world as she was on Earth, torn between players with warring agendas, Dani’s choices will determine a whole world’s fate.

oshkinlobinshla – YOUNG ADULT

Well, this site has been good to me and given me one wonderful CP already, but I’d like to get another set of eyes on my 85,000-word WIP. I’d really prefer to swap work with someone who is writing in the same genre or who is at least interested in dystopian fiction, so here’s a quick synopsis (which could use a whole lot of improvement itself):

Lennon Foster’s life was always defined by the rules of the Population Project: die to save another, live and sacrifice another, or leave everything behind. But when her father died, classifying her as one of the Saved, her choice to save her sisters disappeared. As a government secret threatens to unravel the rules of her controlled society, Lennon receives one last chance to protect her family – but first she will have to stay alive.

If anyone is interested in trying out a partnership or just being a beta reader for me, please send me a private message and let me know what your critique style is, what you’re currently working on, and what you’re looking for in a partner. Then I can give you more info about me. If we think we’ll be a good fit, we can trade a test chapter or two. You’d have to be sensitive to the fact that I am an undergraduate student, so I am unfortunately limited in both writing experience and time, and my story is going through a bit of an overhaul at the moment… which, I guess, is why I need a CP. Anyway, shoot me a message if you think we’d be a good match! Thanks. Happy writing.


I’m new here, new to critiquing, and would love to find a mutual critique partner. I have an approximately 81,000-word project that I best characterize as urban fantasy, for now. Please let me know if you’re interested, and thanks!

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