Looking for a Critique Partner! Listings for May 11th 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner! Listings for May 11th 2012

Hey lovelies! I’m switching up our usual ‘Friday Writing Links from around the web’ for CRITIQUE PARTNER WANTED. Each Friday I’ll put up a round-up of those members currently searching for a CP, as determined by the forum requests. If I missed you somehow, leave a message in the comments! And check back often… I’ll be here every Friday.

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“Looking for someone to give my flash fiction (about 500 words) a peek. It’s a little, um, odd (it involves body parts falling off, but not in a gruesome or gory way; just in a kind of random, surreal way). Partially trying to determine if its TOO odd? But also looking for any other critique someone might want to offer.”


“I’m 20 % of the way through, have reach a point of inflection in the novel. I need some fresh eyes to read and provide feedback. Of course, in return, I’m will critique a piece of yours.”

@bolideo31 CHILDREN’S

“Hi! I’m seeking a writing buddy who can critique a children’s picture book.
It is important that I find someone who can give me honest criticism. As my goal is to publish this book in 6 months, I’m looking for someone who can work under a deadline with a quick turn around. I’m also willing to make a trade if you have a manuscript in need of critiquing.
If you’re interested, I would enjoy hearing from you!”


“Hello! I’ve been working on a short story with the intention of publishing it for free to various digital publishers. The primary goal is to introduce the characters of a forthcoming three-part YA Sci-Fi series and, of course, to get my feet wet in the publishing industry.
I am seeking a few people with fresh eyes for a one-time read and critique of my story who can provide frank (ha!) feedback before I send it off for editing in preparation for publishing.
If you are interested, please let me know!”


“Hi ladies,
I’m in need of someone to read through the first three chaps of my novel. It’s a YA urban fantasy about a girl who discovers a dying Angel (you should know I’ve re-named the species ‘Védő’ because I hear agents are sick of stories about Angels). Following this discovery my MC, Mona, is sent on a mission to destroy a knife that’s threatening to wipe out a hidden race of immortals.
I’m trying to nail ‘voice’ and could use some feedback from a fresh pair of eyes. Feel free to throw anything you’d like me to read in my direction. I’ll try my very best to help if I can.
*Note* Védő in Hungarian means protector.”


If anyone is interested…I’m looking for a critique partner or writing buddy who can critique in short stories or chapters. I take my writing pretty seriously so in return if anyone needs a critique I would do my best to critique as if it was my own work. I guess take a peek at my profile to see if my style and interest matches yours. I would like just work exchange through email and encouragement in writing, along with honest criticism. Again, I will do the same in return to the best of my ability.

@katie6425 YA FANTASY

“I am 15 years old and have completed three novels and a full-length movie. I teach a free creative writing class every Monday, which earned me a trip to Orlando, Florida this summer through FCCLA. ANYWAY, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in co-beta reading my YA Fantasy novel? I would be willing to edit yours, if you edit mine sort of deal, or you could just do mine if you like “


“Hi critiquing ladies,
I’ve recently finished the second draft of a 75,000 word fantasy. It’s loosely inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story, but the setting leans more to high fantasy than to fairy tale. The full blurb for the book is in my profile.
I’d like to find a couple people to swap beta-reading services with. My ms has been critiqued twice and revised, so I’m in the stage of needing big-picture feedback rather than line edits.
Let me know if you’re interested!”


“I’m looking for someone to critique with. My novel is urban fantasy with romantic elements. The protagonist is college age, so there is a younger feel with the language. It’s sort of between YA and adult but with adult situations–what they’re coining as New Adult.”

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