Looking for a critique partner listings, July 20th 2012

Looking for a critique partner listings, July 20th 2012

Lots of CPs wanted this week!

Just click on the hyperlink to be taken to that member’s page. From there you can message them – happy critiquing!

– Laura

carolynbrown – YOUNG ADULT

“I have only just joined this site and am looking for a long term critique partner who would enjoy reading steamy love scenes, with vampires and other paranormal creatures. (Not erotica) but some scenes in my stories have descriptions which would be unsuitable to a younger age group.

I have self-published my first novel (54,000 words) in a series and have almost completed writing my second story (60,000 words) and am looking for interested partners to critique this new work. I would be happy to critique your work in an exchange.

I work in the education industry and have experience editing student work. I have also critiqued other writer’s work previously, so I have some experience.”


jadziab – YOUNG ADULT

“Hi all, I’m Jadzia and I write all sorts of Young Adult. I am still a YA myself (Yes, I am eighteen) so I feel very close to the genre.

Blurb for my novel I’m looking for feedback on:

When Veronica is eighteen, her mother dies, leaving Veronica and her brother, Danny, to live with their aunt, Fiona. But Danny refuses to come to terms with the changes in his life, instead choosing to move in with his druggie friend, smoke, drink, and attend parties in his spare time. As Veronica deals with her mother’s death, the new life she has living with Fiona, and her once-best-friend Cornella stealing her crush, Adam, she must also deal with her rebellious brother, who seems to be walking himself closer and closer towards a dangerous ledge.

I’m not just interested in being a partner to someone who also writes contemporary, but anything YA is fine with me. As long as you’re okay with the genre of my book and we connect with each other’s stories. :)”



“I have a sci-fi novel here 

…and I would like a critique partner/beta reader or two to help me polish it up.

It is science fiction, like I said, and the plot centers around two people, a human girl and a mechanical boy. Without giving too much of the plot away, the two of them embark on a train trip that both opens both their “eyes” and almost kills them.

If anyone’s interested, I can send more information. :)”


iamdwreck – YOUNG ADULT

“HI, I’m Derrick

I’m not new to the writing and critiquing scene. I’m in the first edits of a novel close to my heart that I’ve been working on for a while. Its one of those stories, you know the kind you write about a little bit but then give up on. Insistently, the story and characters don’t give up on you and keep scratching at your back door begging to be written about. Help me edit this novel to its full potential, I’m in this 100% Lets Help Each OTHER!

BLURB: A Contemporary YA novel about a shy pretenious teenager. At first glance Avery has everything, but just because he attends an elite school, has great friends and lives in a penthouse doesn’t mean life is easy. His mother left him to go overseas for treatment. His OCD has gotten the best of him, and the new girl won’t give him the time of day.

Contact me @
on Twitter @IAMDWRECK”



“Hello all,

I need a crit partner to review my novel Singles Vs. Bridezillas. It’s technically a first draft, but it’s based on a screenplay I wrote earlier that has been through numerous drafts.

Right now, I’m looking for macro / big picture critique. What’s not working, what bored you, what do you think I should expand on etc?

The first draft is done, but it’s okay if you only have time to look over a few drafts at a time. I am available to critique as well.


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One thought on “Looking for a critique partner listings, July 20th 2012

  1. Hi! I am also looking for a CP for my children’s picture books. I have two ready for critique right now. (1) Is about a lieelt girl trying to find a dress with the maximum amount of “spin” and (2) the other is about what a young person hears as the day quiets. The second is writen mostly in English but sprinkled with Spanish. It is an picture book designed to teach children Spanish words and phrases. Both are under 200 words. If you are interested in swaping picture books or want to be a beta reader please email me talia_nunez@yahoo.com.


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