Looking for a Critique Partner Listings June 8th 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings June 8th 2012

Lots of fabulous peops looking for critique partners this week! You know what to do – contact them through a message, their email, or if no-one takes your fancy leave a comment with your requirements. Have a wonderful weekend!

– Laura




I am in the midst of the sequel to my first novel. It is a supernatural/mystery/thriller. I am willing to critique in return. I can do a simple or deep critique-whatever is needed. Let me know if you are interested and how much and how often you would like to exchange writing. I look forward to hearing from you.


@raebethmcgee – YOUNG ADULT

“I’ve finished up my current WIP, Silenced. I’m looking for someone who enjoys reading stories in the first person present tense. 

It’s about cutting and depression. I’m trying to give the reader a glimpse into the mind of one who has depression and what they might feel like. 

If you’re interested and want to know more, please contact me at

Please make a note within the email that you are from this site.”


@maryjane – SHORT STORIES

“looking for a buddy to crit flash fiction with. My published writing is on my website”


@lealila – ROMANCE

“Hi there! I’ve finished a first draft of an 85k historical romance (set in 1820s England/Australian penal colonies) and looking for a CP to help with POV, pacing, plot, etc. I’m thinking it would be cool to swap chapters? I write every night after my 1 and 3 year olds fall asleep and am looking to connect with others similarly dedicated.”


@jeanna – YOUNG ADULT

“Looking for a CP who would be interested in reading a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, probably in some sort of chapter-by-chapter format. Would love to do an exchange–I read your YA whatever, you read my B & the B. Email me if you’re interested: jeanna.brooke@gmail.com


writezalot – YOUNG ADULT

“YA Fantasy novel, just completed, needs new eyes to find the plot holes and weakest links with characters etc. 

Contact me at writez4you@yahoo.com, or on this board, if you’d like to help out/swap critiques etc. My website is http://www.writezalot.com too.

The book’s short summary:

The Unknown Sun (Book 1 of the Skyfall Trilogy!)

The story is told from the point of view of Moira, a young human woman who is rescued from a brutal attack by twins, Belamar and Airi. She is pulled into a mysterious world, Skyfall, where people have wings and believe that humans are only a myth. Ruined by a sudden, vicious war hundreds of years before, Skyfall can only be repaired by their Gods, The Unknown Sun, and they are locked away until the Chosen One from the prophecy can free them.
The Unknown Sun is about a prophecy, a sacrifice, new-found truths, unfailing love, and bitter betrayal… 

Moira must save Skyfall by becoming someone she never believed she could. 

Her whole life on Earth has been one of pain and loss, all closely tied to a tragic prophecy that will give her unimaginable power…at a great cost. 

Moira must release The Unknown Sun, an immortal people who ruled benevolently over Skyfall for eons, from their dark prison and heal Bel and Airi’s world. 

But what she and the twins discover along the way will test not only her soul, but her life.”


@smblooding – YOUNG ADULT

“My YA Steampunk is for the more mature YA readers. Synn is a member of one of the seven surviving Families. The Queens of Tarot are trying to destroy them in order to gain control of the world. However, when Queen Nix kills Synn’s father and then takes Synn as her captive, he’s thrown to the front of the war zone. 

If you’d like to read the blurb, you can read it here since the above description is SO Pre-Caffeine! LOL! http://www.smblooding.com/the-hands-of-tarot/

I’m looking for honest, blunt critiques. In return, you’ll receive the same. Interested?”

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