Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, March 1st 2013

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, March 1st 2013

magnifying-glassI know! It’s flippin March already! Here are the CP listings from the previous week. If you’re not on the list and looking for a CP, leave a comment.

ladyscorpion – ROMANCE (a repeat from last week, still needing a CP)

I’m about 3/4 of the way through a contemporary romance. Right now it’s sitting at about 59k and that’s about the length my books usually end up, so I don’t plan on it getting too much longer (I hope). I’m woefully stuck. I’m at the point where I’m banging my head, and I could use someone to go through it with me.

I’ll read pretty much anything, though I don’t read too much inspirational or paranormal. I can give you as in-depth as you need, though I won’t lie. I’m not a grammar guru. I’m better at characterization, flow, emotion, that kind of thing. Critique wise, I’m looking more for big picture right now rather than super in depth.
Anyway, if you’re interested, send me a message and we can exchange chapters, see if we’d match.


I just finished my crime thriller. First book ever written by me. I kind of think the book starts a bit slow before picking up pace. Maybe that’s just me, so I would really love a pair of fresh eyes to check this out for me. Thanks.

litwit – YOUNG ADULT

Hello, hello, hello!
I’m looking for an extra victi-I mean partner!

I am an experienced critic– meaning that I am capable of writing 500-2000 words of feedback on your first paragraph alone. I would appreciate the same from someone else.

I write horror, humour, young adult, and dabble in everything else. My works are often short and may contain violence/language/controversial topics.

I prefer to swap chapter by chapter, or story by story. I swap monthly. I only review fiction novels, stories, and flash fiction.

I won’t review erotica, cliche supernatural romance, Dungeon & Dragon style Fantasy, or chick lit.

You can reach me through my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/MelindaAtlas

Or, email me!


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2 thoughts on “Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, March 1st 2013

  1. Just dropping in to say hello. I’m Leann.

    I’ve had several projects over the years that are still gathering dust on my external hard drive. I have every draft of every story I’ve written since I was 16 years old.

    Currently, I am working on a story with the working title of ”Teegan’s Bar.” The first draft is still a work in progress as I write it, but I would like a critique partner who is also a writer and we can pitch ideas off each other. I have five chapters finished, with almost the sixth complete. And I’m kind of scratching my head at where to go from where I’m at.

    I need someone to bounce my plot twists off of.

    Here is the pitch for the story:
    Teegan, a young bartender, has her own ”disability.” She can smell people, not just their natural odor, but on a much deeper level. How does she cope in the small town of Sheldon, Mississippi, the mecca for the strange and others like Teegan? And how does she cope with the new man in town, a cambion named Colum?

  2. Hey,

    I’m looking for a critique partner. I write YA and I’m currently trying to finish an MS about a crazy Werewolf who gets sent to reform school and starts a band to get out (its better than it sounds, promise!). I has swearing and violent bits.

    I’m also just finished writing the first (good) draft of a girl who lives in limbo and a guy he has Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy. Its mostly about letting go and learning to live.

    If you’re interested just message me 🙂

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