Looking for a Critique Partner listings, September 28th 2012


“I’m looking for someone to read and critique a side project. The characters are based on my main project, which is currently undergoing editing.

Title: This World Bites
Word Count: 26k
Description: Volume one of the Cera Chronicles. Cera is a female elemental using her power to navigate worlds in search of a cure for her father’s comatose condition. The Cera Chronicles are parodies of common genre stereotypes, but the character cast plays by the rules of their home world, the world developed in my main project. This World Bites pokes fun at urban/paranormal fantasy. The goal is to gain groans, eye-rolls, and perhaps a few bursts of laughter.

It wasn’t written to be young adult, but it’s probably enjoyable for the age range anyways.”


stephaniewitter – YOUNG ADULT


I’m a newbie here and I’m looking for CP or/and beta readers for my story. It’s a young-adult, contemporary romance novel, it’s complete with around 86k words but needs work on it since english is not my mother tongue.

It’s about a hate-attraction kind of relationship between a stepsister and a stepbrother. It’s not simple, it’s filled with tension and it’s partly funny even if there’s a family drama in the last part of the novel.

So, if you want more info about my novel, want to know a little more about me or anything, feel free to contact me or post here in this thread.

Thank you!”


girlybug – ROMANCE

“Hi! My name is Taralei. I would love someone to critique my in-progress romance novel that I am working on. I may not be super experienced, but I would definitely be willing to critique someone else’s work in return. I know on my profile I chose the “no deadlines” option, but if you want deadlines if you’re working with me, we can definitely work it out.
Anyways, my novel is told in alternating first person point of views. Also, currently, it’s not exactly young adult appropriate, but it’s not 50 Shades explicit, either. But I’m wondering about straying into the more erotic side… I don’t know if I’ll do that or not at all. I guess, currently, it depends on where my storyline goes, anyways.
The short version of the blurb is this: “A woman falls in love with her older mentor and together they struggle to find the light in the trials that come with scandalous romances.” If you would like the long pitch/more info/to exchange info, please let me know, and we’ll exchange email addresses or something.
I’m very glad I found this site! Hopefully I find someone helpful!


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