Looking for a Critique Partner listings, September 7th 2012

Looking for a Critique Partner listings, September 7th 2012

True story – I just wrote August in the title of this post. HOW IS IT FLIPPIN’ SEPTEMBER ALREADY??!

I can’t wait to dig in and get writing and marketing more books this autumn. It feels like the school term just started and it’s time to WORK!
Here are the CP listings for this week… – Laura


@lenalothanas – YOUNG ADULT

“Hi everyone!

Now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over, I am looking for someone to give me feedback on my other WIP. It’s a fifth draft and hopefully pretty close to finished. I would love some feedback on all aspects of the plot, characters and writing.

It’s about a seventeen-year-old boy who is a wheelchair-user because of an injury his older brother inflicted on him six years ago. He struggles to find out why his brother did that and to free himself from the imposed role of being someone’s victim. The book has a romantic subplot, some magic and also some humor.

I am happy to read any YA that’s not horror or very religious. I am open to reading books for other age groups as well. I prefer character-driven stories.

I would like to get honest feedback on the complete book, but prefer to exchange small bits first to see if we fit as critique partners. I am honest, friendly and reliable.  You can read a bit more about me in my profile.

If you’re interested, I would love to hear from you via private message!


@traveler33 – ROMANCE / YOUNG ADULT

“Hi, I’m looking for a critique partner for my YA romance novel. We can swap chapters and provide feedback to each other.”


@2shy2play – ROMANCE


“Hi all – need a few more eyes before the query letters go out on a 65K Futuristic Romance. I am willing to exchange crit for crit. Right now am looking for someone to read the entire MS for plot coherency, character arc. Of course any wandering POV’s, excessive PPP’s, overused words, typos, grammar slaughtering, etc., that you point out will be appreciated.

If interested, please contact me at awapottery@gmail.com

NOTE To Denise – Thanks for your reply, I will be happy to send the MS along to you but I’ll need an email address. Thanks so much! – Terrie

Here is the short blurb:

The Verdantian race balanced on the brink of extinction, victims of a brutal invasion by a nomadic horde. On the entire planet, only one woman remained who could partner Conte Camliel Aristos deTano in a sexual ritual to restore the failing energy shield protecting Verdantia’s capitol, Sylvan Mintoth. Aris had assiduously avoided her for more than a decade – Princess Fleur Constante, their future queen and his contractual bride.

Having endured the loss of all he loved and years of abuse from the commander of military intelligence, the angelically handsome and lethally skilled assassin, Visconte Doral deLorion, surrendered his heart utterly to the kindness and comradeship offered him by Conte deTano. But the conte was promised to another. Doral could never be more to Aris than his trusted right hand – or could he?

With their planet at stake, all three would learn the true meaning of trust. All three would learn the true meaning of love.”


Hey! I have a couple CPs but would love another just to get another opinion. My MS is a complete first draft and I’m working on the second. It’s a YA Paranormal Romance.

By the way, I’m not afraid of criticism. In fact, I’d enjoy it.
Here’s the blurb:

“If someone had bothered to tell me who—or what—I am, I might have a clue as to why my life has turned from mind-numbingly ordinary into an all-out freak show.”

Getting two new students in the middle of February is a freaky coincidence. Adalyn is fun, bubbly and tops Hallie’s list of girls who are awesome. Colton is tall, dark, and swoon-worthy but he lands a place on her list of guys who are jerks. When she finds out the two of them already know—and hate—each other, Hallie realizes it’s more than just coincidence.

Adalyn warns to stay away from Colton but part of Hallie doesn’t want to. Despite her efforts, he won’t leave her alone. His disarming and enigmatic personality fills Hallie with the urge to punch him but fury isn’t the only emotion he incites in her.

She kinda wants to kiss him too.

Strange things happen when Hallie’s around Colton and she knows he’s hiding something. His cryptic answers only lead to more questions. If she can’t put all the pieces together …she’ll end up without a life—ordinary or otherwise.”


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One thought on “Looking for a Critique Partner listings, September 7th 2012

  1. Looking for a CP who is honest and in depth. Will provide the same. Looking to work with someone serioius about being published and works at it everyday like their hairs on fire!
    Currently working on YA Fantasy/Romance novel.

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