Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, Week of Jan 23rd

Looking for a Critique Partner Listings, Week of Jan 23rd

It’s that time again! Many of our members are looking for a critique partner, and I’ve compiled a list of these members found through status update or forum requests below. If I missed you, as always feel free to leave your request in the comments.

As always, I encourage you to read these articles before embarking on a critiquing relationship:

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Happy CP hunting!


@Sangria “Hi, I’m looking for a critique partner to exchange written work every two weeks. I have just started writing my first book and would like someone who typically reads young adult/mystery to read it. Encouraging and constructively supportive, I will provide the same to my critique partner.”


@anamk “Just finished a romance novel and need a critique partner!!!!!”


@kaylinn57 “Looking for someone to critique my YA fantasy novel complete draft.”


@chylu “After 5 years of working on it in between moving from California to Great Britain and doing a 3-year undergrad degree, I have a complete contemporary women’s fiction that’s been through about 10 drafts. I’ve been re-writing my query letter for this novel for several months, getting random feedback from agented writers, but am now so close to it I would love some more feedback. “


@friendlyhobo “Looking for a buddy to bounce things off of and give moral support. My current project is in very early stages.”


@marianne “I am looking for a critique partner.”


@michelledevans “I’m hoping to find a someone who’ll stick with me through critiquing my YA contemporary – at a relatively fast pace.”


@hiroko “I’m writing science fiction! My first book has a more YA approach, but I don’t consider myself a YA writer.”



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