“Looking for A Critique Partner” | Spotlight on 12 Ladies Who Critique Members

“Looking for A Critique Partner” | Spotlight on 12 Ladies Who Critique Members

Please find a list of members currently looking for CPs below!!

I thought it would be best to put current requests in one place, and will aim to do this once a week.

Be sure to update your status regularly so that I know you are looking, or know when you have found someone!

1. @Raverx


“I’m looking for a contemporary, Celtic fantasy CP.”

2. @xaenyth


“Looking for adult UF crit partners.”

3. @andrealooney


“I have written a young adult paranormal romance. I would love for people to read and give me feed back, and of course to read anything you have written as well.”

4. @jamie


“I am looking for a critique partner. This is new stuff for me, so bear with me. My writing is usually woman’s fiction, the main characters being strong women.”

5. @nwolverton


“Looking for an additional critique partner. I’m writing a dark comedy/thriller — want to trade first chapters to see if we might make a good match?”

6. @sassy


“Looking for critique partner/mentor for women’s fic and erotica.”

7. @lisahartjes


“Looking for a crit partner (or partners) for my urban fantasy novel. I’m willing to do weekly turnaround, with in-depth crits, one (or perhaps a couple) chapters at a time.”

8. @kaylinn57


“Looking for a YA fantasy critique partner.”

9. @twohorses


“Looking for a critique partner for erotica. Mostly short stories and potentially a novel in progress.”

10. @strawberryfields70


“Looking for a critique partner! I’m about 40 pages into my first draft (women’s fiction).”

11. @chylu


“Looking for a crit partner, ideally for *both* women’s fiction & fantasy/YA fantasy. Hello!”

12. @marianne


“I am looking for a critique partner.”

Edit: New entry!!



“I just finished a draft of my second novel. I write mostly comedy and the one I’m working on features a gay romance, so crit partner would have to be open to that.”

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One thought on ““Looking for A Critique Partner” | Spotlight on 12 Ladies Who Critique Members

  1. I am currently looking for a long-term CP for my young adult novel. I’ll be willing to share as much and as frequently as you want. I’m easy to get along with and feedback only makes things better !!(: Contact me through here, e-mail, twitter, or tumblr.

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