“Looking for A Critique Partner” | Week Of September 19th

“Looking for A Critique Partner” | Week Of September 19th

Trying to make this a regular feature… listing out all of the members who are currently looking for a CP. Don’t forget to update your status regularly so I know who is and who is not looking!

If I missed you, feel free to leave your own listing in the comments. Thx!




“Searching for a critique/beta partner for my YA paranormal. It’s a WIP – wanted to mention that in case there is a preference for reading completed works versus WIPs.”


2. @angeliquejurd


“Looking for a critique partner for my YA wip.”




“I am looking for a CP in the urban paranormal romance genre. I am looking for honesty. I am not a grammar or punctuation buff myself, but I love to read and write good stories. I am looking for someone to give me feedback on my story flow, pace, character development, conflict, drama, and romance elements, the entertainment value and most of all eliminating my passive tones. I can do the same for you! :)




“I am looking for a YA fiction critique partner. Right now I am going back and forth from a YA fantasy about Faerie, a sci-fi adventure about aliens, and a comtemporary novel tentatively called ”Letters To Lois Lane”. I am hoping my CP can help decide which to move forward with first. Message me and I can send you a sysopsis about each story, if you’d like. Thanks!”




“A critique partner would be MOST welcome. I’m looking at a science fiction novel – might be considered YA. I’m new to critiquing; don’t kill me.”




“Looking for a critique partner. I write steampunk romance, but I read a lot of contemp, historical and parnormal romance, and YA.”




“Looking for a crit partner, ideally for *both* women’s fiction & fantasy/YA fantasy. Hello!”




“Looking for a critique partner! I’m about 40 pages into my first draft (women’s fiction).”

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5 thoughts on ““Looking for A Critique Partner” | Week Of September 19th

  1. I’m ready to have a critique partner. An agent looked at my first chapter, my critique group has looked at the first three chapters, and Book Country has looked at the first five chapters. I’ve been revising since the agent got back to me, but I know my critique group won’t have time to look at the entire manuscript in the near future.

    My pitch: The demon Liam gathers human souls on contract, but neither Heaven nor Hell know about his romantic relationship with the angel Mikael. When archangel Gabriel seeks to use Mikael against Liam in a battle for Heaven, the demon may lose the one being who has taught him that good and evil aren’t easily defined.

    It’s 80,000 words and is ready for someone to look at the entire manuscript for critiques.

  2. Looking for a critique partner! Have 194 pages done and have rewritten the first 50 pages in to just narrator form. I’ve done only a third of the book so far! The novel is a romance fiction & main stream.

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