Looking for Critique Partner listings, March 29th 2013

Looking for Critique Partner listings, March 29th 2013


Just a couple today. Happy Easter!

taraqueen–  YOUNG ADULT

I am working on a journal/novel of a young adult who gets into more trouble than she bargained for trying to be a good person and she tarnishes her good family’s name, as well as her own.

The Phyre Embers: PROLOGUE

Sunday, July 1, 2012
Late evening

Dear readers,

My name is Sapphyre Smith. I am writing this journal because I am terrified of what might happen to me. In the event of my death, you need to know that it was not accidental. I was murdered. Most likely, quite brutally.

Rest my soul,
Sapphyre Smith

oliviastjames – SHORT STORIES

I like stories that are short, dirty and kind of kinky. Is there anyone out there who would like to be my crit buddy who’s willing to work with me?

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