Looking for Critique Partner Listings, October 5th 2012

Looking for Critique Partner Listings, October 5th 2012

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It’s getting chilly outside, dark early, the leaves are falling (at least here in Seattle) and it’s the perfect time to a) read a great story and b) write. GUESS WHAT! Critiquing with a fab partner allows you to do both of those things. And double GUESS WHAT?! We have 6 lovely peops below ready and willing to be YOUR CP. Click on their username to be taken to their profile page and why not send them a message? Or, if you’re looking for someone and didn’t make the listings this week, leave a comment. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!




@dorothy – YOUNG ADULT

“HI! So I am need some brutal honesty on my synopsis as I am getting ready to self-publish my first book, and I want to know if my synopsis is interesting to pull a reader in. Please be totally honest on whether or not it intrigues you etc. Also feel free to point out other things too. Please keep in mind this is my raw synopsis. Here it is:

The last thing sixteen-year-old Tamin Moon expected to do her junior year was find a locket from the Father she never knew. A locket that would awaken a power inside of Tamin that she never knew she had. A power so great that the unearthly Dellon Society would stop at nothing to possess it.

Little does Tamin know that she is destined to become the next possessor of a great power called the Heaven’s Fire. And that she is destined to join the young Dragon Riders who live to protect Imperial, a world that shouldn’t exist. Now the target of the Dellon Society, and at the center of a war, Tamin must adapt to her new life as a Dragon Rider, and as a citizen of Imperial.

But that’s hard to do when she is falling for the betrothed Blake, the leader of the Dragon Rider’s and her trainer. In a time of war a sixteen-year-old girl is the only thing that can stop the evil forces of the Dellon Society from overtaking Imperial, and raising up an army of the undead. Tamin will have to choose between the life she wants with Blake, and the duty she has to the people of Imperial.”




“Looking for serious partners who can critique a chapter a week or every other week. Willing to look at as many re-writes as necessary (I average 2 to 3). I am a member of the tough skin club and need same. Tough love here…

Have three fantasy books in stages but one serious endevour. More urban fantasy. Sometime in the future set in a slightly decaying society. First ten chapters complete. Outline done for remainder.

It contains some language and disturbing scenes as well as some adult content. I will check back here daily to check for comments.

Would prefer writers seriously interested in discussing and hashing, not just straight crits.”




I’m looking to fill some of my time up and get some further expirience with critiquing. Anything high fantasy or fantasy with romantic elements is good.

I can give feedback weekly so anyone looking for a CP (not looking for critiques of my own work at the moment), you can PM me here at Ladies Who Critique

Helena Cross” 


@girlybug – ROMANCE

“Hi! My name is Taralei. I would love someone to critique my in-progress romance novel that I am working on. I may not be super experienced, but I would definitely be willing to critique someone else’s work in return. I know on my profile I chose the “no deadlines” option, but if you want deadlines if you’re working with me, we can definitely work it out. 

Anyways, my novel is told in alternating first person point of views. Also, currently, it’s not exactly young adult appropriate, but it’s not 50 Shades explicit, either. But I’m wondering about straying into the more erotic side… I don’t know if I’ll do that or not at all. I guess, currently, it depends on where my storyline goes, anyways.

The short version of the blurb is this: “A woman falls in love with her older mentor and together they struggle to find the light in the trials that come with scandalous romances.” If you would like the long pitch/more info/to exchange info, please let me know, and we’ll exchange email addresses or something. 

I’m very glad I found this site! Hopefully I find someone helpful!



@joybubble – YOUNG ADULT

“Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a quick beta read for my contemporary YA novel, LOVE YOU. My current CP had to dive back into her own manuscript and has to put mine briefly on hold. Would anyone be willing to give my novel a read and get back to me about pacing and characterization? Or really, anything else you’d like to comment on.

Let me know if you are interested.

Sixteen year old Lucy Zwindler is living every girl’s fantasy—and she hates it.

Forced into painting homes with Justin Marshall, the most drooled over guy in school, is not Lucy’s idea of the perfect summer. Lucy sees past Justin’s chiseled jaw with its always-there five o’clock shadow to his overinflated ego and manipulative smiles.

Every morning, Lucy is greeted with Justin’s fake chuckle and interrogation about her unbalanced, controlling friendship with Marissa and Lucy’s new boisterous boyfriend Zach. Justin wants to play god and, much to Lucy’s dismay, he becomes her un-wanted hero. She leaves him with a nice purple shiner for that one, but this only encourages him more.

Justin invades Lucy’s world and she can’t get away. Distracted, Lucy is blindsided when she interrupts Marissa’s wrapped arms around a strong neck where Lucy’s are supposed to lie. Zach fondles the ties on Marissa’s bikini as she points out that Lucy had it coming. Who doesn’t go down a guy who sends flowers? Social suicide.

Trembling and retching, Lucy is jolted into Justin’s unexpectedly open arms where Lucy’s going to get an education about real love, whether she likes it or not. But she’s not prepared for the startling and painful effects it has on her heart. Justin’s already taken. If she tells him, she risks losing him forever. If she doesn’t, she’ll never have a chance at forever.

LOVE YOU is a completed, 90,000 word contemporary YA novel that will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen.”



“It is a children’s chapter book princess story. It is a new project so I am in the phase of just working on the story and plot. But, I am pretty good at critiquing at all levels.

If you are interested ease PM me!


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