Looking for Critique Partner Listings, September 21st 2012

Looking for Critique Partner Listings, September 21st 2012

Good morning!

I’ve had a killer cold this week and Sunny dog has kept me company the whole time, sleeping with me on the sofa and not requesting walks every half hour like usual. I’d like to dedicate this week’s listings to the smartest – and cutest – dog I know.

Hope you’re happy and healthy where you are! 


– Laura




“Hi, I’m new to this site and new to critiquing and looking for a CP or two who have similar interests. I said in answer to the questionnaire that I can give feedback once a month and like it to be structured but this is very flexible as I know we all have busy lives these days. My book has Aussie humour, green jelly, an alien spaceship, a villain with long red fingernails and a lot of wigs. I love to read other people’s work and if you think we might be a good fit please contact me.”


“Hi All!

Looking for a CP to read my MS *Blind Accidents* (working title) and critique as I would like it ready to query by the end of the year.

A general synopsis:

Tanner Lighty is finally turning his life around after mourning the deaths of his wife and daughter. He throws himself into his position as a police K9 handler and when he meets damaged and broken Michala Kirchner, he thinks she may finally be the one thing to put the pieces of his heart back together. What neither of them realize is that they share a dangerous secret that will threaten their relationship and everything they fought to overcome.

I would be willing to read/critique your MS in return. Please let me know if you’re interested! Thanks in advance!”

@jackie – ROMANCE

“I’m encoutering the first steamy scene in my paranormal romance. I need some adivice or suggestions on how to make it hot, but not erotic. I don’t want it to sound cheesey either. Any help would be appreciated.”

@samanthaholt – HISTORICAL

“I am looking for a partner to look over my future medieval romance stories. Though they are primarily romance, I strive to be as historically accurate as possible and they often take place during important events in the middle ages in England.

My latest story is a work in progress and I also write short medieval romances stories sporadically. All my stories include elements of sensual erotica. I don’t work to deadlines but would like someone who could be efficient and, though an in depth knowledge of medieval England is not essential, an understanding of the times wouldn’t hurt.

I hope to hear from you soon!”

@samanthaholt – ROMANCE

“I’m looking for a romance lover to critique my future book and ongoing works. My latest book is under way so I’m trying to find someone who would enjoy reading through it upon completion. I’m hoping to find a long term partner as I also write short medieval romance stories every month or so.

I don’t work to deadlines but would like someone who can work efficiently and doesn’t mind me dropping an email or two when a short story is ready. My books all include sensual erotic content and are a blend of romance and a touch of English history.

I love to chat with others and share ideas so if you’re talkative and enjoy romance and strong characters please get in touch!”

@librarybird – YOUNG ADULT

“Hi there!

I’m writing a young adult fantasy novel. It’s a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, that was born out of a conversation about fairy tale retellings and empowered female characters. It’s a first-person dual-POV story, switching between the sleeping princess and her knight girlfriend. The knight is struggling to get used to a new-ish prosthetic arm and cross the kingdom from her hospital, while the princess is trying to find a way out of the loop of nightmares she’s trapped in.

I have about 20,000 words, which is nowhere near done, but I feel like I could use some reaction to it. I’d like someone who could read for character work. I’ve only done critiquing with friends before so I admit that I need someone who won’t be too harsh on me, though I’m not looking for empty praise, just a little gentleness and politeness. If you are interested in swapping a couple of chapters let me know here or through PM.”

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  1. That’s a very adorable dog you have there. My weekend was also spoiled by a horrible cold. Am just glad it happened on the weekend and the worse is over so I don’t have to miss work on Monday. Hope you feel better soon.

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