“Me? I work in a cave.”  Where I Write with David Klein, Clean Break

“Me? I work in a cave.” Where I Write with David Klein, Clean Break

Today’s Where I Write must be the most creative one we’ve had yet. Thanks to David Klein for drawing his self-described “cave” and telling us all about where his words make it on to paper. I think you’re going to like this one ladies. 

– Laura


My closest friend is a builder. One day he works on site at a custom home he’s building, the next day at a police station he’s renovating, another day at a school where he’s adding on a gymnasium. He gets around. He sees things. 

Me? I work in a cave. Sometimes I call it the coal mine. Same place, day after day. Same desk, same chair. Same view—which isn’t much since my office is in a basement and the windows are tiny and high. I see the low branches of a bush in my side yard.

I wrote Clean Break sitting down here, as well as my first novel, Stash. It’s a quiet spot, even when the kids are home (ages 13 and 12; they can make noise). Two of the walls are midnight blue. Two are an electric green. On the wall across from me hangs a print of Niagara Falls from a painting by Frederick Church. I love Niagara Falls. My mother was from there and I visited the falls a hundred times as a kid.

My desk is L-shaped and glass topped, its surface smooth and cool and hard. On my right is a glass and mirror display case that once held pies in a diner. I converted it to a bookshelf and now it displays my favorite novels, which I stare at in hopes of magic passing to me. Or a slice of pie from the past. More bookshelves behind me. Two lamps on my desk. An old gooseneck from my childhood, and a techie glass and composite thing I’ve carried around for twenty years.

Laptop, printer, files. Family photos. Kids’ artwork. Fake plant hiding a mess of wires and cables. Everything in order. My space has to be neat for me to write, although neatness itself is not enough. Everything else must converge, too: inspiration, determination, discipline. Some days it does. Some days I’d rather be building a house with my friend.


David Klein is the author of Clean Break, published by Broadway Books. Praised by Kirkus Reviews for his “nimble storytelling style” and “richly intertwined stories,” Klein is revered for his suspenseful plots and sharp psychological insight. In CLEAN BREAK, four lives intersect in a thrilling tale of addiction, violence and deceit. He currently lives in upstate New York. 


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